Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday's Work...

Here's what I did this evening. I love these papers. It reminds me of a quilt. Which reminds me of my grandma, who is in these pics. She would've loved this layout!!! I need to make a copy of the photo that I have from when I was a toddler that is 4 Generations and scrapbook it. :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Something for Tuesday

I was only able to get one layout done today. Kim was real late getting to the house. And didn't stay long.... And again, I'm waiting on my white pen. :)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Today's Layouts...

Here is my first for the day...

And my second...

My third one...
I didn't journal on this one yet. I'm waiting on my white pen to come in.

My fourth...

And my firth and sixth...

Closer Up...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Today's layout

This is what I made this afternoon. I think it's my new favorite for now. :)

First B&W

I did this one last night. I journaled on it after I took the picture though. :) This is one of him when he was 2 1/2 years old...asleep in the car.

Layouts I did after Bunco Night

I had my papers already done. Just needed to get the pictures on there, along with everything else. I'm going to journal where the empty spots are on the candycorn paper.

I'm sorry this next one is so crappy, but I didn't feel like pulling the protective sleeve off of it...LOL It's of Saira's first trick or treat. I plan putting 'First' and 'Halloween' around that bottom picture with the spiderwebs on it.

And this was the last one I got done. It was around 5am...LOL And I was laughing so hard I had no idea if it was going to turn out or not. For some reason, the photo on the top looks weird. But it's really not. It's just the camera. And I totally didn't journal on any of them yet. I don't think I could've with all the laughing we did. LOL

Sleep over layout

Here's a layout I did a few weeks ago. From when Saira and I went to a sleep over with a friend of mine. :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Today's creations

Today Kim and I cropped at my house. She was able to get 7 pages and me only 5. So here you go...

I love this one. I did my first distressing to my page. I did it on the cardstock mats of my pictures. And on the edge on the cut papers.

This was Ryan's Pre-K gradution invitation he made at school and his teacher mailed it to the parent. So I scanned it. :) She also sent that picture with the invitation. On the top right black square, I'll be journaling on that when I get a white pen. :)

And here is Ryan's halloween page from this year. :)

Love this one!

I made this 2 page layout at Kim's house on 11/3/06. The papers and embellishments aren't anything special. Just a Halloween scrap pack with 600+ stuff in it that I got from Wal-Mart.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My First Page...

This is the first page I created. It's so plan and simple. Actually, I've added ribbon around the top right vellum square.

I started scrappin'...

I started scrapbooking June 8th, 2006. I looked into it for a couple of years and watched shows on tv. So when I was out shopping that day I called my best friend and asked her what supplies I needed to get it going. I don't know why it took me so long to finally start scrapbooking before then.

Now after several months, I found a friend to scrapbook with. She's a Creative Memories consultant and a PartyLite consultant. Her and I went to the PartyLite conference together this year, in July. We get together a couple of times a month.

And yes, I'm addicted to it.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Catch Up Time!

Wow, it's been a week and 4 days since I blogged. So here goes... LOL....

Where did I leave off?

Ah, yes, the kids Spring Break. So I took them to my moms on Wednesday afternoon. We got to her house and we loaded up and went to McDonald's for lunch(Saira's request). Then we went to Palais Royal and got their Easter clothes and shoes. Then went next door to Old Navy. She got me one of those striped skirts and the shirt to go with it. Love it, it's so comfy! She got the kids some more clothes and then we went to Marble Slab for ice cream. Then off to the grocery store. We all got coffee at Starbucks inside the store and then headed back to her house. They started a movie and I headed back home. I didn't get here until 7pm...LOL It was fun hanging out with them for the day. Then the next day the packed up and went over to my great aunts house. She took them to see Doogal. Ryan enjoyed it, Saira fell asleep. LOL They went and played at the park in her neighborhood a couple of times. And on Friday I went and picked them up at her house. But on Thursday I had a candle show. Also had to do the shopping. So I didn't get to enjoy the day without the kids.

Ryan lost his 7th tooth the other day. And the tooth fairy came for a visit. :)

Saira said something really cute the other night. Chad was telling her stories. It had something to do about her. The stories always do...LOL He had said, "There was this little girl and her name was Saira." And she'll say, "Oooohhh, MYYYYY name is Saira tooooo!" And he said, "And she had a fish named Nemo." She said, "Oooohhh, meeee too!!! But him's died". And he said, "Awwww, yeah, he went to fishie heaven" And she says, "Noooo, he went to the trashcan!"

haaaaaaaaaaa! It still cracks me up!!!

Well, I know it wasn't much of an update, but that's about all I've got. I've just been doing LOTS of shopping with my friend. Oh, and watching lots of TV. I've been taking a computer break...kinda sorta...hmm, not really...LOL But I've managed to watch more tv. I've been watching lots of movies on tv. :)

Oh, and Ryan got his Harry Potter movie. We all liked it alot. If only Saira would've been more quiet...LOL

Listening to:
today: Trent Tomlinson - Drunker Than Me
yesterday: Dierks Bentley - Come A Little Closer

Monday, March 06, 2006

A good weekend

Chad did alot with the kids this weekend. He promised to take Ryan up to the baseball field both days and to take the kids fishing. So Saturday we got up and come evening we finally all went up to the baseball field and did some practicing. Ryan can already hit the balls being pitched to him. To hell with t-ball and pitching machine, my boy is just gonna move right on up to regular pitching and then to Pro. hehe! ;) We didn't make it to the fishing hole. But we did lots of fun family stuff at home.

Sunday I got up, got dressed and went to Super Wal-Mart with my coffee drinking buddy. We spent the afternoon at that place. Chad took the kids up to the baseball field and Chad said he did awesome ago. He's working on him at 1st base. His coach can't decide if he wants Ryan at the pitchers mound or 1st base. The pitcher doesn't pitch in t-ball though. They just run people out basicly. (for those that don't know much about t-ball). Then they finally went fishing. Saira hasn't been fishing since last spring. So Chad had to show her. They were fishing with artifical bait. The kids fish with minnows though. Chad said Saira was casting her pole perfectly. I'm so proud of her!! So the kids had a great time. Next weekend we're all going to go. And this time we'll have minnows. :)

Two more days til my kids go on their 'vacation'. LOL They are so excited about it. All they have talked about is staying the night with MeMe and Bettie Anne.

Oh and thank you JC for the comment on my new pic. :)

Listening to:
today: Dierks Bentley - Come A Little Closer
yesterday: Everlast - What It's Like

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Officially Spring Break

As of yesterday at 12pm Spring Break began. My mom has asked for the kids to come stay the night with her sometime next week and then with my aunt. The kids are soooooo excited. I think I shouldn't have told them about it until Tuesday or so...LOL They'll go to the movies, to the park and to Starbucks. LOL My kids are so spoiled already. Everytime I go to Starbucks, I will get them a frappuccino. I told Saira she'll be going to stay with MeMe next week and she said, "And get Starbucks toooooooo?" LOL Ryan wants to see 'Doogal' at the movies. That looks like a cute one. And if he is good during Spring Break I'll buy him the 4th Harry Potter movie. It comes out on Tuesday.

Ryan started T-Ball practice. His team is called the Braves. I know my brother will be so excited to hear that, since his all time favorite team is the Braves. :)

Well, you all have a great weekend. :)

Listening to:
today: Everlast - What It's Like
yesterday: Santana - Maria, Maria

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Awww! She's HERE!

Yay!! JavaMama called me at 9:55am CST (just now). Isabella arrived this morning at 7:56am EST time She is 8lbs 1oz. Her score is a perfect 10. Awwww! I can't wait to see pics of her! I'm sooo excited!

Listening to:
today: Santana - Maria, Maria
yesterday: Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Saira got movies

I got Ryan off to school and then Saira and I got ready and went to Best Buy. She spent her $50 gift card that my mom gave her for her birthday. We saved it so that she could get Lady and the Tramp. So we got that, SharkTales and Caliou. She's watched them all but We stopped at Starbucks to get some Frappucino's. Then we got hamburgers at DQ. I stopped at a store to look at capri's. Didn't buy any though. :) We headed home and that's been it. We got Ryan from school. And I've been doing partylite stuff. It will be time to fix dinner in a little bit. Tonight is American Idol, so I'll be watching that. :)

I had a busy day, but that's all to it in a nut shell...LOL

Listening to:
today: Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On
yesterday: Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings

Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Nice Weekend

Saira spent the night with her MeMaw and PePaw last night. Actually she was staying the night with her cousin, Shyanne. Saira calls her "Hy-anne" LOL Saira can't say the 's' sound. She's my 1 year old niece. She's cute as a button and is always wanting to go home with me...LOL One day soon I'll bring her home with me, but not just yet...LOL

We got up this morning and headed over to Chad's mom and dad's to pick up Saira. We stayed their for a couple of hours and visited. We came back home and ate pizza for lunch. Chad took a nap and I watched my movie, 'In Her Shoes'. I'm not done with it just yet. After I'm done blogging I'm going to finish it. :) At 3pm we all got ready to go over to a friend of Chad's. He made a brisket, beans and tator salad. This mans wife passed away last year so when ever he invites us over we try to go visit him. :) One good thing is that this man CAN COOOOOOOK! I love his food!! Then after we ate, we went over to the deer lease so Chad and Ryan could shoot their guns. Geeee, that was way to much fun for me....lmao!!! Can't wait for next time. (can you since my sarcasm) :) :) :)

Listening to:
today: Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings
yesterday: Brad Paisley - When I Get Where I'm Going

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sad week

On Monday Saira, Nina and I went to Best Buy to buy my printer/scanner/copier after we dropped her truck off at the shop. While we were in the store my aunt calls to tell my that another aunt of mine had passed away. Last week she was diagnosed with cancer of the esophogus(sp). And was told she had about 3 weeks. She opted for no help or medicine. Since she was 78 (I think). She was in her late 70's. We think she was just ready to go. Her husband, my grandma and great aunts brother, passed away from cancer back in '92. I heard the year he passed away the other day and couldn't believe it had been that long. :( His birthday is St. Patty's day. :) I'll always remember his birthday. But anyways, I haven't stayed in contact with that part of my family in years. We all just kinda grew apart. But I remember as a kid always going to Aunt Hazel and Uncle Bubba's house. They had a juke box in their house and I'd always pick "Just a Swing'n" from John Anderson over and over again. lol But now that him, her and my grandparents are gone, all that's left is my great aunt, Bettie Anne. When ever I would talk about my aunt in the past, she's the one I would be refering too. Bettie Anne does alot for the family. She's the one who bought Saira her Disney Princess TV for Christmas. :)

But anyways, I've been real down this week. Thinking about family and all that. Also, it's been 3 years that my grandpa's been gone. He passed away day before Saira was 1 month old. So it was a very emotional time for me then.

So on Wednesday was the funeral. I went to Pasadena for the funeral and then Bettie Anne and I went up to central Texas to a town called Mexia for the gravesite service. It was a 3 hour trip up there. We left Pasadena at 12pm and got there at 3pm. Service didn't start until 4pm. LOL So we sat and talked. :) Then it was a short and sweet little service done by one of Aunt Hazel's sons. Then we stopped at the local Radio Shack so I could get a car charger...LOL My cell phone was almost dead. So I didn't get home until 10:15pm

Listening to:
today: Brad Paisley - When I Get Where I'm Going
yesterday: Little Big Town - Boondocks

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Friday Five

Your Five Factor Personality Profile


You have medium extroversion.
You're not the life of the party, but you do show up for the party.
Sometimes you are full of energy and open to new social experiences.
But you also need to hibernate and enjoy your "down time."


You have high conscientiousness.
Intelligent and reliable, you tend to succeed in life.
Most things in your life are organized and planned well.
But you borderline on being a total perfectionist.


You have medium agreeableness.
You're generally a friendly and trusting person.
But you also have a healthy dose of cynicism.
You get along well with others, as long as they play fair.


You have medium neuroticism.
You're generally cool and collected, but sometimes you do panic.
Little worries or problems can consume you, draining your energy.
Your life is pretty smooth, but there's a few emotional bumps you'd like to get rid of.

Openness to experience:

Your openness to new experiences is low.
You're a pretty conservative person, and you favor what's socially acceptable.
You think that change for novelty's sake is a very bad idea.
While some may see this as boring, many see you as dependable and wise.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wow, it's been awhile!

I have alot to update on....

First, about Ryan's Valentine's party. It went really well. I was very happy with how it turned out. We had soooo much food.

Friday we received out Income Tax Return. Sooooo, we've been shopping. :) Chad bought his first pistol. He's soooo excited. I got a new digital camera. Still need to get a memory stix for it. And I'm also getting a new printer combo 3 in 1 thing. I also spent $120 something at my MaryKay party last night. My face is good to go for awhile...LOL The kids got new bikes. They are so excited about those as well.

Chad took me out to eat Friday night. Just the two of us. It was really nice going out alone. The kids were staying the night with his parents.

So back to my MaryKay party last night. Saira participated in the fun. She had her own makeup station. My friend gave her red lipstick. And later she got black eyeshadow...LOL She looked so freak'n cute! This morning I explained to her that she's not allowed to have that kind anymore. It was only for the special party. And she was fine with that. And so here's a pic of her....

I'm exhausted from my weekend. So I'm headed to bed.

Listening to:
today: Little Big Town - Boondocks
yesterday: Nickelback - Feelin' Way Too Damn Good

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

That is how I discribe my day!

The day started off really GREAT!!! Best Friend Nina comes and picks Saira and I up and we head to town. We were taking her truck to get a front end allignment. But that didn't happen, had to get an appointment until Saturday morning. That's alright, we decided we needed to go to Wal-Mart. We don't really know why we went, but do people who go to Wal-Mart like every other day need a reason for going? HEHE! That would be us, we live at Wal-Mart. So anyways, Nina hears a man laugh. It was Chad walking by. I guess I could've mentioned that he didn't make it to work this morning. He had a blowout and had to wait on getting it fixed. So him and his buddy were roaming Wal-Mart. He spots me and we had a fun time picking out a box of chocolates for me. Gotta tell ya, I'm probably the most pickiest person when it comes to boxed chocolates. I don't go for the el' cheapo kinds. It's gotta be either Whitman's or Russell Stover's. OR!!! Hershey's Pot of Gold! Looooove that stuff. So he learned a long time ago not to buy the cheap junk. It will just sit there for month to come. Then he goes and picks out a card for me. We shuffled around the clothing department and didn't find anything I liked. So we buy out stuff we gathered... :) Then Nina, Saira and I go to our favorite all time local Mexican food place. MMmmmm!! Chad and his buddy headed on home because they already ate. Nina and I had more shopping left in us. :) We go to PayLess, didn't find anything. We go to Cato's! BINGO!! I find a 3 piece outfit I just had to have. I call up Chad and tell him I found something I liked and he told me to get it. It was just $55. I did good. :) So I got an outfit, chocolates and a card. hehe!

After I picked Ryan up from school we all got ready to go take Family Pictures. What a freakiing JOKE that was. I've already told Java all about it. I almost don't even want to talk about it anymore. BUT... It's part of my day. So here comes the bad... The kids were complete morons! It really wasn't their fault. There was a woman with a kid who all the sudden decided they wanted to take pictures. My picture lady said no one has been in today, and when I showed up, this other woman shows up. We have not done pictures in a year. ...well, actually we haven't taken family pictures since Saira was 4 MONTHS OLD! She hasn't taken pictures since her 2nd birthday. It's been a year. She was ALL excited! That womans child kept distracting my kids. I was pissed off. I was planning on spending over $100, like we always do with family pictures. Because we get a group shot, a couple shot, dad with kids, mom with kids and the kids together. We left with only a group shot. I cried on the way home. I had been looking forward to having new pictures for my walls for a very long time. My children ended up getting in trouble over it. I know you all might think I'm crazy or something, but I take picture taking seriously. That's why I got so mad over this STUPID woman. My picture lady had them leave, but they came RIGHT back. It just wasn't working.... ANYWHO! Enough of all that. :)

I got a new outfit... did I tell ya that? :) LMAO

Hmm, I suppose that's it. I'll be back with new stuff tomorrow. Ryan has his Valentine's Party. I can't wait to see how it goes. I'm in charge of it ya know. So it's bound to be a big hit. hehe!!!

Listening to:
today: Nickelback - Feelin' Way Too Damn Good
yesterday: Josh Turner - Your Man

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Haaa, got it anyways!

Gonna reverse my day here on ya....LOL

I got Starbucks tonight, he can kiss my big fat butt! Nanny nanny boo boo!! LMAO

But anyways, the kids and I went to Houston to visit my mom. The kids needed some time with their Meme. On the way there I stopped at the video store and rented 'Phantom of the Opera'. She hadn't seen it on dvd yet. It was awesome watching it again, especially at her house...for 2 reasons. 1st is because her and I LOOOOVE that movie. I wish we could see it live sometime!! 2nd is because she has surround sound. AWESOME AWESOME!!!!! The kids watched Bambi 2 and Madagascar. She had pizza, tuna subs, fries and onion rings delievered for us. :) Then they had ice cream. :) After all that we went to my aunts house to visit with her for a few minutes and that's when we went to Starbucks. The kids were soooo excited. And after all this time I finally remembered to tell them no cream on Saira's. She was glad of that. She's so weird, doesn't like cream on hers. Strang child in deed.

I got home at 8pm, got on the confrence call for PartyLite training, did that for 20 minutes and then watched the Snowboarding and Speed skating on the Olympics with Chad. :)

Now I'm ready for bed. :) Nighty night folks!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Family Time

Today we took the kids to the movies. We originally planned on seeing 'Curious George'. Then we changed our minds to 'Nanny McPhee'. But nope, we did it again, changed our minds to see 'Hoodwinked'. It was cute I must say. The kids had a great time. Then we took the kids upstairs at the play area to ride the big carousel. We did that twice. And for lunch the kids wanted pizza from the food court, so they got that as well. Ryan wanted to play some of the games at the arcade room, so Saira and grabbed some cookies to take home and went to Bath and Body Works, so I could grab a 'Wall Flower'. Those things are soooo awesome! I wish PartyLite would make a plug in :) To match the candles we love to burn. Wouldn't that be nice? And I also wish they made car fresheners. That would be cool too.

So we had a great time at the Mall. Then the kids got me all thirsty for Starbucks. Saira started asking Chad if we could go. He kept ignoring her...LOL He finally said NO. I was ticked! LOL The kids had me all ready for it. MEN, UGH!!

So he stops at the gas station on the way home and gets himself and Ryan a Yoohoo and me a Starbucks drink in the glass jars. I was like, geee thanks...LOL But I drank it was actually alright with it :)

On our way home we decided to stop at Chad's mom and dad's so the kids could visit with their MeMaw and PePaw. Stayed there til I got home and fell asleep around 9pm. I was pooped!

It was a GREAT DAY!! Minus the Starbucks situation. I think he's in trouble... ;)

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Friday Five

five things that make me happy...

-my kids
-spending time daily with my friends
-The interent
-and... Josh Turner...Mmmm Sexy!!!

Listening to:
today: Josh Turner - Your Man
yesterday: Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Most Proud

Yep, I'm proud... Proud of myself...hehe! I got up this morning, got Ryan off to school, came back home and started on laundry. YAY Me!!

I can't decide if I want to go eat lunch with Ryan today or go to a restuarnt and make my friend go with me...LOL I need to gather up my candle samplers so I can bring them over to my moms friends house so she can smell them and decide on a date to do a candle show. :)

Listening to:
today: Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc
yesterday: Billy Currington - Must be doing something right

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My song....

I love the song that I have playing on here. It's my all time favorite song right now. :)

JC's blog inspired me to add a song to my blog. I hope you don't mind. :) I have one on my 'MySpace' page though, it's Beyonce. Love that song too.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What Kind of Soul Are You?

You are a peace maker soul.

You strive to please others and compromise anyway you can.
War or conflict bothers you, and you would do anything to keep the peace.
You are a good mediator and a true negotiator.
Sometimes you do too much, trying so hard to make people happy.

While you keep the peace, you tend to be secretly judgmental.
You lose respect for people who don't like to both give and take.
On the flip side, you've got a graet sense of humor and wit.
You're always dimplomatic and able to give good advice.

Souls you are most compatible with: Warrior Soul, Hunter Soul and Visionary Soul

Monday, February 06, 2006

Bookfair time

Wooooo Wooooo, it's book fair time at Ryan's school. Last year I had soooo much fun helping with it. So this year I decided I must do it again. Last year I just helped the kids, but this year I'm doing the cash register.

For lunch I went over to my friends house and bummed some food from her, cause I didn't feel like going home. So Saira and I ate and then went back to the school. When I got back Ryan had already been to the bookfair and picked out 4 books. 1 was $10. I was wanting to get 2 for him and 2 for her. So that wasn't going to work, with what he picked So I made it up to him in buying a suprise poster for him. It was a Texas Longhorns poster. He was tickled to death. I told him that MAYBE he can get another at the end of the week.

Last night I wrote up a letter for the teacher to hand out to the parents. I'm incharge of the Valentine's Day party. Right after school was out, I already had a parent to call and let me know what she wanted to bring. She had first dibs. :) Suprised my neighbor hasn't called. Her son is in Ryan's class. Ya'll remember her, the one who potty trained But anyways I hope I get a good response from all the parents. There is only 10 of us. At the begining of school, there was 15 kids. 5 have left...thank goodness, there were WAY to many boys in that classroom. Still is, but it's not as bad. There were 4 girls and 11 boys. Crazy huh? Now there are 7 boys and 3 girls.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Got me all razzed

A friend of mines blog entry has me all razzled... check it out. Wheeze.

This crap has always been my number one all time pet peeve. It's ridiculous how rude smokers can be. I have a friend that doesn't come to visit me cause my house is smoke free and she doesn't care to go outside all the time to go smoking. Oh well, that's her own problem. I'm talking of my friend that I visit daily, drink coffee with, play cards or play pool with.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen....

Thirteen Things about my day

1. Woke up at 4am. UGH! Totally sucks! Couldn't go back to sleep cause of Saira.

2. Spent a small amount of time with my sweet hubby before he headed off to work. (That NEVER happens, cause I'm SNOOZE'n...hehe)

3. Got Ryan off to school, but today, his grandpa came and picked him up and took him, by Ryan's request. So I didn't have to take him to the bus! :)

4. Had a nice long shower. Helped me to wake up, but not for

5. Luckily in my mailbox was our last W-2 we were waiting on because we had an appointment with our CPA to get our taxes prepared. We be rich :) It actually helped us that I had my candle business. :) YAY! Gonna get me a new camera, printer and clothes with my part. AFTER we pay our property taxes, house insurance and I think that's it. :) I'm excited! We got back lots! CPA's ROCK!! To hell with H&R Block

6. I had lunch with my sweet huband and daughter. But now I'm miserable, I'm stuffed!! Don't think I want any

7. Picked Ryan up from school.

8. Took a much needed nap!!

9. We took the kids to McDonald's. I tried to eat dinner, I was just way to full, still!

10. As a family we went to Wal-Mart

11. Did the grocery shopping

12. Rented a movie for the weekend.

13. And went to bed EARLY!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I finally came to a conclusion

Last night I finally decided on the main reason why I don't want anymore children. It's not the fact that my children drive me It's not because I have a boy and a girl, which is perfect already. It's not because I'll be 30 years old this year or anything like that. It's something that just makes me want to cry and breaks my heart. It's because my grandparents are no longer here in person anymore. Both of my grandparents were here when I had Ryan. But my grandma passed away when Ryan was 13 1/2 months old. He decided to walk at the wake of her funeral. It was really special. But she helped my grandpa make LOTS of quilts for Ryan. Yes, my grandpa made quilts. My grandma taught him. And he so loved doing it. Well... (this is where I want to cry)! He was only able to make Saira one quilt, before he passed away. And it's the most special item in my house, for sure. He passed away a month after she was born. And ..........(omg, I just realized as I was typing, that he will have been gone 3 years at the end of Feb.) But anyways, I couldn't possibly have another baby, he/she wouldn't have a quilt that was made from my grandpa.

This is the quilt he made her.

I think I'll go nuts...

You can find me at the local nut ward!!

My children are driving me nuts! Just ask JavaMama! She can tell you. Today, I'm talking with JavaMama on the phone. It's just me and Saira here, Ryan's at school and Chad's at work. My house is just terrible. Messes everywhere!! Especially Saira's room, oh dear God, don't get me started on her room. So I told her she needs to clean her room. She's doing everything she can, not to do it. I finally told her like it is and I think she's cleaning it finally. With the want of a hug and kiss here and there. I told her I don't want any hugs and kisses until her room is clean. I'm being the mean mommy today. Just tired of all this crap.

Yesterday was really bad. I was on the edge. I warned Chad when he got home though, so he didn't bother me that much. He could tell I had a terrible day.

So to start my day off, I have this retarded ass collection agency calling me at least 10 freaking times a day, NO LIE! Not even exaggerating!! They don't leave a message on the machine either. Thanks to JavaMama, she's helped me figure out who the fraudulant people are. I've had 3...maybe 4 phone calls from them already today and it's not even 11:30am yet. UGH! They can kiss my butt for all I care...lmao!

So, can you tell I'm in a pissy mood today? LMAO!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Had Fun

Well, we went over to Chad's best friends house for his birthday party. We had an awesome time. We all hung outside in the shop, played pool, did kariokee (after I got drunk There was about 30 people there. With alot that we didn't We, meaning Jennifer, Brandon, me and Chad. Jennifer had to finally go tell those people to leave...LOL It was crazy. Brandon's cake was a boobie We stayed til about 1:45am and came home. The kids stayed the night at Chad's mom and dads. Chad was drunk as a skunk, and I was buzz'n. I had 5 smirnoffs. And dont'cha know, everyone kept picking with me all night asking me if I wanted some GoldSlogger. I was about to start back slapping some people, it was getting on my nerves. UGH!

Today was my best friends birthday. She turned the big Thursday the kids and I went shopping and we went ahead and bought her a little gift and cards. The kids had so much fun. They wanted to get her everything they saw. They love her so much. She's the one that got Saira her Build-A-Bear last weekend. But anyways, this morning Chad picked the kids up and I got dressed. Then Saira and I went to her house and gave her birthday presents to her, hung out for about an hour and we came home for lunch. Later this afternoon she came and picked me up and we went to Wal-Mart. Got me a new pair of flip flops. I'm looking forward to the Spring so I can ALWAYS were my flip flops. Seems we can do that now, but in the mornings it's on the cold/chilly side and by the afternoon its warmed up, sometimes!!

Well, I hope you all had a good weekend. :)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Where am I?

I'm here now! Sorry I haven't posted lately...LOL I've been candle'ing it all week. My dear best friend here in town who joined PartyLite back in Aug is finally trying to make something of it and she had a $400 show on Monday and got it closed today. So I've been busy "sponsoring" her and coaching here in being a consultant. At the same time I've been working on 2 candle shows of my own, tracking my own show. BTW ladies, my stuff will be here on the 1st. YAY!

Ok, so what else? Hmm, nothing. I have a candle show, but it will probably be posponed due to the rain that's coming. But that's alright. :) Anyone that wants to make a candle order can place it with JavaMama...hehe! ...she's doing a catalog show for me.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. I've been so tired this week. Me and my friend have both been so tired...with this 'dieting' thing we're doing. But tomorrow night Chad and I will be going out. His best friends birthday is like the first week in Feb. (can't remember when it is) So they are having a get together at his house with BBQ and beer tomorrow night. So I can't wait. His wife said she wants Chad to finally get tore up with Brandon (his bestfriend). I was like, yeah right not Chad. He won't do it anymore. So she said I get the honor of getting tore up with Brandon. Since she know I can and probably will. I told her NOOO way, not again. New Years was good enough for me. I don't want to be sick again like that. UGH! YUCK!

So anyways, LOL

Java, dear, I hope you have a great day at your baby shower. I totally wish I could be there with you. :) Eat a piece of cake for me, ok?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another year older

Saira turned 3 years old today.

She had such an extremly great day! She got dressed this morning and put her crown on. But decided she was cold. So she layed on the couch, covered up....

So her presents started off with her gift from my best friend here in town. She went to Build-A-Bear and got Saira the pink poodle. Her name is Sophie. She picked that name out for a reason too. Saira can't say her S's, she changes it to H. So she knew Saira would say it like "Ho-fee". And she DID! It was too darn cute! When Saira says her own name it comes out like "Haira". But anyways, Saira just LOOOOVED Sophie. My friend told her the whole story about her building it, and putting a heard inside it and kissing it. She told Saira about a tag inside Sophie, where just incase she gets lost, Sophie can be returned to her owner. Saira was just beaming with love of her new Sophie....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Her Hair Cut

I had Saira's haircut today. I wanted it done for her birthday on Sunday. Her hair was really long, different layers, and so thin looking. I had it cut above her shoulders and OMG!!! It's so freaking adorable! I totally love it. And she's inlove with her hair. I'll be honest, I was really indecisive with doing it. But I'm so glad I did it. Chad didn't notice the back was cut, until later. He thought her bangs and front were cut...LOL But he totally loves it.



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My dear friend Java...

I sure hope you feel better soon. I've missed chatting with you on the phone and on the computer, as much as we normally would. Just know that I've thought about you for the past 2 days. And hopefully you'll get relief on Thursday. :) Tons of hugs all the way from your friend in Texas! :)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Candle Party Update...

Hey ladies...

If you wanted to buy something from me to help me out, then you have until tomorrow afternoon'ish. Tomorrow is the deadline for what I'm wanting to get. I've gotten 2 orders so far. Purple...Java...get your order in... ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mommy need a rock?

The sweetest, most cutest thing happened earlier this afternoon. Saira and Ryan were outside playing while Chad and his friend were cleaning up the chrome and tires after washing the truck earlier. So Saira comes back in and pulls something out of her pocket and says, "some'pin for you mommmy!" was a rock. But she digs in her pocket again and says, "some'pin for you!....some'pin for you!....some'pin for you.... OVER and OVER again... she's pulled out about 5 rocks by now. I'm like, "awww, that's soooo sweet Saira!!" and she says, "hummm! MOMMY, DON'T LOOOOOOOOOK!". So I turned my head and she pulls out more rocks... And yes, her pants were about to fall off... FUNNY FUNNY! But anyways, she continues on... "some'pin for you...some'pin for you...some'pin for ME!...some'pin for ME! So I have a lovely little pile of rocks on my desk. HEHE about 40 rocks... some are real litte and some are bigger.'s a pic....

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shocking Information!!

I suppose you are all sitting...since you are on the computer...LOL If you aren't...


Ok, here goes... I, Jayme, finally took down that damn tree. GO ME! Not only did I take it down, but it's all put away too. WOOHOOOOOO! I'm so excited I just can't hide it. HEHE! My livingroom looks so much bigger now...lmao I'm so pleased with myself. :)


Check out what JavaMama made me. :) Isn't my header pretty?? Thank you sweet'ums! hehe!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Party Party


I've decided I want to give myself a Candle Show. I want to earn the 78 votivies for $5 this month (it's just for hostesses). But I need to find people to help me get $250 in orders. And bookings...HEHE Anyone wanna buy a candle? Anyone want to have a catalog show?? Anyone...anyone....anyone at all?? Come on.... you can dooooo it! ;) Really! Help a girl out. :)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Busy Weekend

Boy, was I busy! I had a candle show on both days this weekend.

Still haven't gotten my tree put away, just like my good ol' pal JavaMama. Perhaps I'm just trying to help her out in being a friend, and keeping my tree up too. Yeah, that's it. I'm being a friend. Ok Java, we HAVE to take our trees down tomorrow. OK?!?! I say this, cause Chad is ready to help me take it down tomorrow. He's tired of it as well. I'll send him over to help you when we're done, how's that? hehe ;)

Friday, January 06, 2006

2005 Year In Review

2005 Year in Review Borrowed from 3 Guy's a Girl and a Blog, JavaMama and JC
Please play along and post one in your blog too! Let me know if you do so I can read yours too!!
BEST MEMORY: Starting up with PartyLite

WORST MEMORY: Finally going through a hurricane...hurricane Rita. Celebrating Chad and Ryan's birthdays during the evacuation as well. :( It was heartbreaking to me.

FAVE SONG OF 2005: Kanye West - Gold Digger, Blackeyed Peas - My Humps, Madonna - Hung Up ...just to name a few. :)

FAVE MOVIE/DVD of 2005: Hitch or Saw 2

FAVE NEW TV SHOW of 2005: My Fair Brady

FAVE MUSIC CD of 2005: Don't do CD, I don't buy them... I just listen to the songs. If that makes

FAVE BOOK I READ in 2005: I don't read...LOL So sorry!

FAVE NEW FOOD in 2005: I FINALLY tried the McRib...LOL

MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS in 2005: Getting my candle business to finally grow. I'm still shocked over it. :)

MY HOPES/WISHES for the NEW YEAR, 2006: That my family and friends stay happy and healthy all year long! (ditto Ali & Java). That my candle business continues to grow. That my message board, Moms-Online will grow in activity.

FAVE NEW WEBSITE of 2005: MySpace I'm so addicted to it

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Nutty Weather

Ok, here it is Jan. 5th and it's getting up to 80 degrees during the day. Does anyone see anything wrong with this? Can't even wear warm clothes. Ryan lost his jacket, but thank goodness he hasn't needed it. But Saira got a whole bunch of new clothes for Christmas...all warm clothes and can't wear them. Chad says he wants to move to San The weather is suppose to be perfect there all year long. You ladies up North, send some cold weather my way... please :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hook'em Horns!

Hell yeah, what a game tonight! Way to go Texas!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Much better

I'm feeling so much better. I was all of the sudden over it after a 4 hour nap yesterday, when I woke up at about 4:30pm. I won't be doing that again. It was only my second time to be totally wasted like that.

OMG, I'm so ashamed of myself though, my tree is STILL up. UGH, it's driving me insane. I can't stand to look at it anymore...LOL I hope before the night is over that it will all be put away. :)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Hope you all had a good one. :)

Mine was pukey...literally...LOL I drank WAAAAAAAY to much! The GlodSlogger did me in. It's 5:35pm and when I think about it, it still makes me queezy. But I had a great time before it all hit me. Me and Chad brought in the New Years together at the I drank Smirnoff, buttery nipples and glodslogger. It was the first time Chad had to help me. I'm always helping him. With alot of Chad's help we mangaged to get New Years lunch made. And I finally got to eat some of it at 5pm tonight. lol And I must say he did a fine job on cooking the blackeyed peas. mmm mmm mmm!!

So, the way I'm thinking is that my year will HAVE to be better than today...HEHE!