Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yet, another toothless kid

Saira lost another tooth last week. She lost it on Saturday. That kid was going NUTS I tell ya. I never saw or heard a child so extactic about a tooth falling out. But I think that tooth hung in there for a least a month. It was starting to get loose when she lost that first one. So it's been awhile. She was babying it....LOL

I think that's all I have for now. No new LO's to post for ya. But maybe before tomorrow evening I will. My scrappy mojo is coming back. Actually I don't think it was gone, I would just clean up and make things tidy over and over again and then not want to mess anything up. LOL

And then, another thing, I'm wanting to get a new cabinet for my room. But in order to do that, I have to get rid of the one that I have. So I think that bugs me, ya know? And also I have the scrapbook retreat stuck on my mind. That's Aug. 15th-17th. I'm beyond excited about it!!!!!!

;) And just so you know....Kim is the greatest!! ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Name

I loved this new challenge from So Tell Me Your Story.  The challenge was to make a LO about our name.  I decided not to use a photo this time.  Kinda tired of looking at myself...LOL
Long story short, I was named after the Bionic Woman.  But my mother put a twist on the spelling while she was still out of it.  The nurse came in, asked her what my name will be...  My mom said, "Jayme Lyn" And the nurse said how do you want that spelled.  My mom sounded it out... Jay...  J. A. Y.... Me... M. E.  LOL  The nurse thought that was a little weird and she asked about my middle name.  And my mom said Lyn...  L. Y. N.  So that's how it goes...LOL

Papers: Pink Paislee

Alphas: Pink Paislee

tags: Pink Paislee

buttons: ??

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Tooth

Ryan was working on a loose tooth last night.  It was hanging there when he went to bed.  I told him to be careful and not to swallow it in his sleep...LOL  He woke up this morning and worked on it some more and woke me up saying he lost it finally.  Yay Ryan.  He doesn't have many teeth left.

And Saira, she's been working on a loose tooth for about a month now.  I can't get her to work on it.  And it's just about hanging there too.  They could both have the tooth fairy tonight if she'd work on it.  I think she's scared of it coming out.  She's lost one before.  But then she had 4 pulled at the dentist.  So this would make tooth number 6, but number 2 on her own.  ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

We have a winner folks!!!!!  The lucky scrapper is....................................

Are you ready?????

Is it you?????

Let's see...................

Unfolding a folded name here.....................

And is says:


Jana, you are the winner of some cool goodies!!
Thanks to the other 6 ladies who commented and left me links to those really awesome patriotic cakes.  I love them.  :)
Jana, contact me by email and we'll get that to you.  :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Silly Ryan

At Scrapperie, not only does Sandi have the BIG monthly awesome kits, but she also puts together smaller kits.  And those can be found at the Vintage Ltd kits section at the Boutique.  This month we had a kit to work with and that's the Blue Monday kit, which is made up of Scribble Scrabble papers.  Totally cute stuff!  Here's my first layout I made, last week.

This next one is of Ryan too.  Last year in the Spring time we went up to the football field and let the kids fly their kites.  They had the most fun ever and I think you can probably tell by the pictures in this layout.  :)  Again, I used the Scribble Scrabble papers.  :)


Don't forget, tomorrow is the deadline to comment for the RAK.  There aren't many takers so your chances are good.  I'll do the drawing on Sunday.  So if you want, spread the word...tomorrow is the deadline. 

Monday, July 14, 2008

RAK deadline extension

I know I said I'd pick a winner for the RAK on Saturday, but I was out having a 2 hour facial as well as my hair cut.  I spent the whole day with my family in Houston.  By that evening, I was sick.  I've gotten a summer cold...(geee thank Chad).  Yesterday was no better and neither is today.  UGH.  So maybe this weekend.  :)  We'll go for the 19th.  Sooooooo go leave your comment on this POST.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

All About Me Challenge#1- Your Beginning

The new blog, 'So Tell Me Your Story' has their first challenge up. Infact it's due tomorrow. ;) I wanted to have it completed on my birthday, but that didn't really work out, you know how life just gets in the way. lol So the challenge was to make a LO of your beginning. I printed a pic of my hospital photo. Not sure what paper I used. It came from a paper slab from way back. ;) I used Stampin' Up ribbon, and making memories blossoms. Sorry about the blurred journaling. I felt I should blur it out this time, with all my info on it. ;)

.....................OPPS, I noticed I didn't title my LO...LOL So I went back and did it. And to add to the info about me, I was named from the Bionic Woman. I guess my mom liked that show. ;)
And now you can see why I don't take pics of my layouts at night. Crappy pics...LOL

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Picture buying fool

Yep, that's me.  I've been buying photos like crazy.  I'm trying to get tons of photos ordered for the retreat next month...  August 15th.  I'm totally jazzed about it.  Wanna go with me?  There's still spot available.  :)  :)
So I'm torn on the weather.  To be honest, I'm sick and tired of all the thunderstorms.  BUT at the same time, it's been rather nice having cloudy days.  Cloudy days mean cool house...LOL  When that sun is out and shining, UGH.  It comes through the windows full force.  So I just don't know.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th and a Great Birthday

I hope you all had a great 4th of July.My birthday was great. Friday I was with my mom, great aunt and brother. We had BBQ, cake and ice cream. Mmm, everything was sooooo yummy. My mom got me this cool gadget. It's called a Flip Video. Super cool little camcorder. It records up to 60 minutes and plugs directly into the computer and even charges back up that way as well. This is the one that I have...
My aunt got me this little portable hard drive called 'Click Free' automatic backup portable hard drive. I swear, the lady is a mind reader. I have been wanting something to back up my photos on my computer. So YAY, now I can.
Chad got me a spot at the weekend scrapbook retreat next month. I've never been on a retreat so I'm tickled pink about that. :) And my grandmother gave me $20. I'm going to put that away for my next shopping trip. There's no telling when I'll go again...LOL I haven't adventured out in awhile now.
Don't forget about the RAK!!!! Read about it here. You need to leave a comment on that post. And it ends on the 12th. Your odds seem to be pretty good, there isn't very many takers yet.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

4th of July cards

Here's my creation for the 4th.  :)  I had gotten the stamp set from Sampin! Up.  When I saw it in the catty I just KNEW I HAD TO HAVE IT!!  ;) 

But OMG, I'm totally terrible.  I just went to the post office right now.  Gesh...LOL  Most everyone won't get them til Saturday hopefully.  My dad is in Alaska though, so he won't get his til what....next wednesday probably.  LOL  Oh well now.  hehe!!  Hope ya'll enjoy the card when you get it.  lol

Be sure and read the post below.  Find me those cakes to get a RAK.  :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mmmm, Birthday Cake is coming around the corner

So, I'm sure most of you know, I'm a big ol' firecracker baby, born on the 4th of July, bicentennial and everything. My birthday cakes are always red, white and blue. I think maybe twice they haven't been and I thought that was just a terrible thing for them to do. ;) I was searching the internet and this is a yummy cake I came across... Mmmm Very yummy cake!!!! Check it out, she shows how to make it too.

Here's a normal Jayme Birthday cake...

But the one in that link sure looks yummy. I might have to make it.....for extra...LOL
Find me some patriotic cakes and link them up for me. And your name will go in a hat for a RAK. We'll do this til Saturday the 12th. And be sure and tell me what you plan on doing for the 4th. :)

Presents are already coming in

My dear friend Nina made me a birthday gift this year. It's so adorable, I have it sitting here in my scrappy room. She used a Stampin' Up stamp set, chipboard letters, brads and ribbon...oh and buttons on the outside. Toooo cute!!!

~OMG~ Lots Of Layouts!

I have so many layouts to share.  So lets get started...

Last Sunday I was at Kim's house scrapping with her.  I got 4 LO's done.  But 1 isn't finished yet.  I need to title it and journal on it. 

So here is 3 of them...

This first one is my real dad with Saira when she was 23 months old.

This next one is of my step dad, me and Saira.  But he really isn't my sted dad anymore...LOL  But he's raised me since I was 5 years old.  So I still call him my Daddy.  :)  :)

This is Ryan sitting at the front door at my grandparents house.  They always kept beautiful flower gardens.  I miss that.  But the house is now my moms. 

These next 10....yes....TEN...layouts are from this past weekend crop at Scrapperie.  Wow, was it a busy weekend. Soooo so many challenges.  There were 10 more challenges that I could've done.  This first one was a fun challenge.  We had to mail about 10 3x3 scraps to another person.  And my person sent me these really cool and AWESOME papers.  We had to use 3 of the scraps and I used 4.  I wish you could feel that tiedied and marble swirl papers, they are just the neatest! ...Thanks again Jennifer.  :)

This next one we could only use cardstock obviously. I loved how this one turned out.

Loved this challenge.  I had been wanting to scrap my weight lose journey.  And this scrap from that pack of scraps that Jennifer sent me was PERFECT.  ...again...thanks...lol :)  I put a before and after pic of myself.  The after pic is like 2 weeks old now. 

The next challenge I picked was a scrap lift.  And I had to lift from Janet.  I love her pages, she always does such a great job. 

This was a progressive tag, like 'telephone'.  It was cool seeing all the layouts after we were all done.  It's so funny how it starts at one thing and ends up looking like a complete different page at the end.

Awww, I love these photos of Saira.  This challenge we had to use paint, in a free hand manor.

This challenge we had to scrap our favorite movie and for me, that would be The Unsinkable Molly Brown.  When I was about 13 years old, my mom took me to the broadway musical.  But I was already in love with the movie before the musical.  She knew I'd totally love seeing the show.  She's the best mom I tell ya.  :)

These next 2 go together.  ;)  But the first one was for a challenge to use 5 different non paper embellishments.  I used buttons, ribbons/fibers, brads, safety pin and stickles.

This one we had to recycle something, so .....lol....I recycled my many saved up Starbucks Sleeves.

And last but not least this one was for a challenge called Peanut butter cups(a color and layering challenge).  We had to use orange and brown and make 3 layers.

Well thanks for checking out all these layouts that I've been busy making.  :)