Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Decent, I guess

I found this at Staci's blog and thought I'd give it a try. I had flash backs from typing class as I was taking this test...LOL

66 words


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mother's Day Cards

I made these cards last Friday on the 18th at an At Home Workshop with SU!. And I just had to share these pretty cards!

all products were SU!


Well first of all, Ryan lost his tooth Friday night while we were at Whataburger eating dinner...LOL So the tooth fairy came that night for both the kids. Saira finally wrote a note to the tooth fairy and put it under her pillow. :) Both of them got $2.

And now second, her is a LO I just finished. I finally used some of my Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl papers. I forgot I had ;)

You lost your first tooth on April 13, 2008 while playing outside. You were soooo excited about it!! What a cute smile!!
We couldn't find your tooth on the ground. So we wrote the tooth fairy a note. And that worked just fine.

PP- Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl
Ribbon- SU! Beachfront and Twil
Ink- Catseye chestnut roan
Buttons- walmart
Alpha Stickers- Scenic Route
Flowers- ?? (from a RAK)
lace- walmart

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Back to the topic of teeth... Ryan has a lose tooth...LOL I think it's his 9th or 10th. He's wanting it out so bad he's been begging me and his daddy to pull it out. It's not near ready either. The crazy kid. ;) I'm thinking he's really wanting some money or something. ;) Or wants to be toothless like his sister. ;) Total picture opportunity for them together.

OMG, check this out!!!

For those that know me and my family... you have to look at these stamps!! You know I need these, don't you? :) :) I think this will be my next purchase...totally!!! I think I'll save Ryan and Chad's hunting pics until I order this hunting stamp set! I'm so glad I blog surfed this morning and found the Little Paper Shop.

Monday, April 21, 2008

a card challenge

This is for Challenge #14 at Techno Stamper. I made this for an old friend that I've been neglecting. Her and I have been best friends since High School, and she's only like 10 miles away from me, tops. Shame on me for not taking the time to go visit her. :( But her birthday is on Friday, the 25th and this is her card.

Stamps- SU! So Many Scallops
Ink- SU! Close To Cocoa
Stickles- Cinnamon
Ribbon- SU! Twil Tape
CS- SU! Barely Banana; Craft paper

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A NEW contest at The Scrapperie!!

Do you want to participate in an exciting new scrapbooker's challenge for a chance to win some great prizes and maybe even become a Très Chic Girl? To celebrate our first anniversary, Scrapperie will be hosting a new contest to get your creative juices flowing! The contest, called The Gauntlet, will be completed in seven challenge-filled stages and will run from May 1-June 30, when the Grand Prize winner is announced.

Starting on Sunday, April 27, those interested in participating in The Gauntlet must submit one layout into The Gauntlet Gallerie and sign in on the Anyone interested in participating has until 11:59 PM CST on May 3 to sign up and enter an initial layout into the Gallerie. The initial layout may be something previously made, published, etc- it should just showcase your best work. (Any project from that point on needs to be never before seen and specifically made for The Gauntlet's challenges.) Sorry, but any projects submitted to this contest must be primarily paper based. No all digital layouts will be accepted. Hybrid layouts are welcome, but it must be obvious that the layout is mostly tangible products.

Prizes will include a Grand Prize package valued at over $75 and a position as a Très Chic Girl for the upcoming term (July-October). First place is a prize package valued at over $50. Second place's prize package is valued over $35 and third place's prize package is valued over $25. Other prizes may be awarded at the judges' discretion. Everyone entering the challenge will have chances to win Scrapperie gift certificates for the Boutique.

The Gauntlet's winner will be determined by a non-biased panel of judges. Projects will be judged on creativity, originality, design and how closely each challenge is followed. Please come visit Scrapperie's contest forum for complete rules and details of The Gauntlet.

If you're stuck in a rut and wanting to win some great prizes, come play along in Scrapperie's Gauntlet!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

adding more fire to the pot

UGH! Monday evening, Chad's car broke down. He couldn't get it started to save his life. It's an older car, it's been through the ringer, it's a '98. He drowned it in 2000 I think it was. But anyways, yesterday he took the day off because we needed to take care of the truck business....rental, repairs, police report, insurance...blah blah blah, you know...LOL So then he also got his grandpa and a cousin rounded up to get his car towed back home or to some place to get it worked on. Well today he had to work just 1/2 the day, his car was ready...LOL

So that's the new scoop. I tell ya, I'm tired of this stuff. I can't wait for Friday. My neighbor is having her Stampin' Up party. And Saturday, I don't think I'll get out of my jammies...LOL

Anywho, I have 3 or 4 LO's that I need to finish and then upload for ya to see. So maybe later tonight I'll have something to show. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

First Lost Tooth

Saira lost her very first tooth yesterday. And I think she's just way to darn cute too!!! She was outside watching her daddy wash the car with her uncle and it just popped right on out. It's been loose since Friday the 4th. I told her to keep wiggling it and it will come out soon. And I was hoping it would fall out before she goes to the dentist on Thursday. Good timing huh? lol Bad thing about it all was that it fell out literally, and fell to the ground and we can't find it. :( Poor thing. I told her we'll write the tooth fairy a letter explaining where it's at. We had to do that with Ryan before. lol

I'm trying to decide on which pictures to print out so I can scrap them. ;)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New LO's today

I sat here this afternoon and made 2 layouts. I was mighty impressed with myself. ;) They were both made for challenges at Scrapperie. The first one is of Saira when she was 7 months old. What an adorable messy face. :)

PP-Paper Studio
CS-Barely Banana SU!
flower-Making Memories
alpha stickers-Bo Bunny
ink-colorbox charcoal

This is Chad being crazy at Wal-Mart. He's always thought those mini kegs are 'cute'. lol So one day when we were shopping, he grabbed one and told me to hurry and get a picture of him. ...we didn't buy any though. When he drinks, he bumbs off of friends...HEHE
PP-Paper Studio
KI Memories Pop Culture disco ball red hot(from the April Kit)
Tag-Cosmo Cricket Get Happy(from the April Kit)
SU round tab punch
paper studio ric-rac ribbon
signo pen, CM pen

I've actually made 2 others, but I need to journal on them and take pics so I can show them to you. stay tuned for tomorrow.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My first monthly kit!!

I got my April Kit from Scrapperie this afternoon and I came right home to dive in and play. It's full of masculine colors, lots of blues. :) :) So I pulled out a pic of Ryan when he got his glasses. I have been waiting to do this LO when I got the right papers and I felt I had.... and this is what I made. :)

PP-Basic Grey Boxer
Grunge Board
brads-paper studio
alpha stickers-Doodlebug
metal ring-??
denim fabric

Thursday, April 10, 2008

About the wreck yesterday

((I've copied and paste the story from that link I gave in the previous post. But I just realized that you all might not be able to see it, right? LOL))

I had to take Ryan to the eye doctor to be fitted for his Rec Specs (sports goggles) at 6pm and Chad meet us there. We left from there at 6:40. Chad took the kids with him and went one direction and I went the other direction. I left the parking lot first, I needed to take movies back and get gas. I was headed to my SU! ladies house, she was having a candle party with Kim. But anyways, I didn't get a block down the road and someone darted across from one parking lot entrance to the other across the street, darting right in front of me. I had to slam on my brakes, I was only going 20 MPH. If I didn't do that, then I would've hit his passenger side doors. My front right bumper hit his back right bumper. My truck jacked his piss ant car bad...LOL Stupid idiot. But he did a hit and run!!!!!! I sped through the parking lot after him, up at the front of all these stores, and YEP, I chased his sorry the backside of the stores. It dead ended, he had no where else to go. He got out, I went up to him and VERY sturnly asked him Why the hell he didn't stop and why he RAN!?!? Come to find out, he was uninsured and no license. He was in his mothers car. From what I gathered from the cop, the 18 or 19 year old was issued a ticket for no license and his mother was getting about 4 tickets. Her car is an '04 Chevy Malibu, so I'm thinking she most likely would still have a lean on the car therefore needing full coverage insurance. Her insurance card expired on the 4th. Go figure. BUT, I bet you a nickle (lol) they just bought insurance to get tags and inspection and never paid any monthly payments. People do that around here in this stupid county that we live in.

So now I have to sit by the phone waiting to hear from my claims guy from my insurance company. An adjuster is suppose to be here today. I thought that was really quick. Which is nice.

From the way it felt, I was sure there was more damage on my truck. But, HEHE, my truck is big and tough. Here's a picture of my truck. Only my head lights are busted. And btw, he wasn't charged for a hit and run either. ?? Why, I don't know. The officer told us that family is known with the cops. They've had to deal with them alot. And he told us he doesn't think that boy is all the way there in the head, that he has had a hard life because of his parents. So in other words, lets give the kid a rubber cookie and tell him to go do it again.

What a Day yesterday...

To start it off, I spent ALL day long waiting for the results of the American Idol round 5 challenge. Because it wasn't posted Tuesday night like they had been doing the last 4 rounds. Finally around 5pm I saw the results...I was voted off. Well, that really didn't make ANY since to me because there were 14 of us that uploaded our layouts before the deadline. And 16 of us moved on to round 5. Two people didn't upload tuesday night. Well, yesterday evening, there were 15 uploads. Hold up....hold the phone....are you figuring this up with me?? lol So anyways, they voted me off. That girl that uploaded yesterday evening got to move on!! I was so upset. I spent LITERALLY ALLLLLLLLLLLLL day long at their website waiting for the results. Now let me add, the last 4 weeks there hasn't been any voting off because all the people weren't uploading. So us that uploaded got to move on to the next challenge. The same thing should've happened yesterday.

Ok, enough of that....

yesterday evening, I was in a wreck. The guy did a hit and run on me. PLEASE click here to read all about it and to see a pic. (you Scrapperie girls have already read it though) I've already typed it out a hundred times it seems and don't really want to type it again.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

she's a *diva*...

Last Tuesday, April 1st, I moved on with the American Idol contest at Scrap-Tastic. For week #5 we were told to scrap our diva dressing room demands. Needing to be a 2 page layout with 8 diva demands, at least 1 medium or 1 large circle and to be outrageous.
And this is what I came up with....

Things you are never without!
Sunglasses, Lipgloss, flipflops, gum, hair stuff, nail polish, finger nails, purses
CS-Bazzil Bling, and HL black and white
Flowers-Making Memories(felt and paper)
Buttons-Making Memories
Ink-Catseye, Stazon
Diecut Cardstock embellishments-Me & My Big Ideas
Stamp-autumn leaves
ribbon-Target and American Crafts
Alpha Stickers-Thickers
staples/brads-?? make my day...

Thanks Colleen for giving this to me, you are so sweet!!!! :)

Kari; Mary; Cyndi; Vicki; And if my friend Kim had a blog' she'd get it too. :)
So pass this along!!

The Shiner

She just got home from school, here are some pictures.

My poor babies...

I'm so totally heart broken. Both of my babies are hurt and boogered up. :(

Last night Saira fell out of bed. And she hit her baby dolls bed with her eyebrow bone. :( I heard her fall and hit something. It's not a normal thing for her to fall out of bed either. I hopped up and calmly checked on her and I noticed in the dark of her room that her eye was all messed up. So I picked her up, carried her to the livingroom and then REALLY noticed how bad it looked. I'm the calm one, Chad's the panic'er. I calmly woke him up, and quickly told him to wake up before he starts freaking out. Cause he does that when you wake him up. Gesh, he's sooooo weird...LOL But I made him wake up real good and I whispered to him that her eye is really messed up bad and to get some ice. Oh God, he started to panic...LOL He started to cry and she cried worse. Yeah, he was no help...LOL She didn't like the ice, so I got her to help me out with putting it on. I had her count to 5. And then we'd take it off. She quickly got over it and wanted to play Candyland, so we played 3 games and then watched cartoons. I kept her up for about an hour and a half and then put her back in her bed. I turned her tv on for her so she could watch more cartoons and I went on to bed. She kept telling me that she was still going to school today...LOL What a sport. ;) So she got up this morning all 1/2 bright eyed and bushy tailed. ;) Her poor little eye was swollen shut. She asked me when it would open up. I told her not for a few days. She was excited to go to school and show her teacher.

Now for Ryan. On Sunday Chad took Ryan and Saira to the baseball field to give Ryan some practicing time. They were gone for almost 1 1/2 hours. They finally made it back and Saira comes in asking for an ice pack. What the heck??!!?? She said Ryan's hand got hurt. I poke my head out the door and asked Chad what happened. He says Ryan got hit with a baseball while holding the bat. Ryan plays pitching machine and those balls shoot out of the machine sooooo fast and hard. His right ring finger got hit. It was all swollen and purple. I was able to move it good enough for us, so we weren't too worried that it was broken or cracked. Well, wait, let me rephrase that...lmao...I wasn't too worried, but Mr. Worry Wart was a little bit. Yesterday he woke up with it all stoved up. Well duh, he slept all night, not moving it. He wanted to stay home. But I made him move it around to get it going again. And all was well. Geeeee, mommy's are so smart. ;) He came home from school yesterday in good spirits about it. He said he's able to move it pretty well. And then this morning it's already starting to look better. It's still swollen of course. But he's able to move it even more better. I'm not really sure he'll be able to play his game on Friday. We'll have to see. Tonight is practice and I'm not sure he should really do that just yet. I don't mind him practicing on the field, but not at bat. He's first baseman and can wear his glove still....on his left hand, so no biggie. We'll just have to see.

:( I feel so bad for the both of them though. :(


Onto other news...
A few months ago, we stopped going to the diet dr. Well, this week I've started back up...minus the diet dr just yet. LOL Within the last month and half or so I gained about 7 lbs. blehhhh!! That sucked. Damn holidays and candy!! Candy is a HUGE HUGE HUGE weakness for me. CHOOOOOCOLATE!!! ;) Mmmmm! It was heaven though. Now that all those holidays are out of the way until Halloween, I'm good to go. :) Maybe I can get slim enough for a bathing suit for our vacation June 13, 14, and 15th. We'll be headed back to San Antonio again.

(I'll get a picture of her eye this afternoon and show you all. She didn't want me to take one last night.)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Baseball Time...

Yesterday was Opening Day for the kids. But Saira's game was postponed for another day. Her t-ball field was flooded from all the rain we had this past week. But Ryan's went on. But first, they had the Opening Ceremonies. They issued the hats when their names were called from each team. Saira's team was first.
Here she is being her usual self. ;)

Here she is getting her hat.

And then Ryan...

Later that afternoon at 11am was his game. Check out that batting stance. He did GREAT!

He struck out his first time, but the next innging, he wacked the ball over to the Third base area. Chad loves this shot, cause you can see the ball in mid air still before hitting the ground past 3rd base. (it looks like it's actually already on the ground, but it wasn't.)

Ryan's team won 8-5. YAY!!!! Go Nationals! :)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Class Picture

The other day the kids brought home their class photos. So I decided I'd go ahead and scrap Ryan's since I've been working on his pages from this school year.

I used some Rusty Pickle pp, MM flowers and buttons, ribbons from hobby lobby and I colored the tag with SU ink and catseye chalk inks.