Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yay, Christmas!

This evening we went to the Christmas Parade in town. It was so neat getting to see the lights. Saira was being a horses butt, but I think she liked it. One man brought over his 2 year old shetland pony over to me and the kids and Saira didn't want to pet him. He had Christmas lights on him, it was so cute. This kids got to see Santa ride by. I was thinking Ryan was going to wave his hand and arm off of his body. He waved and waved and told everyone Merry Christmas as they went by. It was nice and cold tonight too. Me and Ryan wished we had hot chocolate at the parade.

Saira got to help me Christmas shop for my mom today. She thought that was so cool. So tomorrow we are going to wrap her gift. She's so excited about seeing Santa to take pictures. And she has it figured out as to what she's going to tell him what she wants for Christmas. She says she wants a watch, a braclet, a purse, a pink barbie gun (that one makes me laugh so hard!!), and a blanket (which I'm making).

Hope you all are ready for Christmas, just 25 more days left. Go check out my ticker at the bottom of the page. I have several different ones. :)

Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving was really good. It was the smallest gathering I've ever had. It was just us 4, my dad, great aunt and brother. None of Chad's family came over, like they were suppose to. But that's alright, we had a nice day anyways. I baked the turkey and I made macaroni and cheese, greenbeans, 2 chocolate chip cheesecakes and the cranberry sauce. My great aunt provided the rest of the dishes which were the dressing, diry rice(not cajun, augratin potatoes, sweet potatoe casserole, giblet gravy, rolls, pumpkin pie, pecan pie and white stuff. We had a great feast!!

I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm an officer!

LOL! I was elected the Parent Volunteer Coordinator for the PTO at Ryan's school. I think his Pre-K teacher from last year had something to do with this...LOL I went to the first meeting but I didn't go to the second. The third meeting with be on the 28th when the kids go back to school after Thanksgiving. Thank God I'm not the President, Vice President, Secretary or Cause I don't know anything about this PTO or even PTA stuff.

Monday, November 14, 2005

My Luck

It started off a few weeks ago. JavaMama's post in her blog reminded me about it.

I was grocery shopping and backing out of my parking spot. I was putting it in drive when a woman across from me starting backing up as well and hit my bumper. I throw it in park and look over and this crazy woman has already gotten out of her truck. She's in a little rinky dink Nisson Frontier. And me in my big ol' Dodge Ram 1500...with 20" I'm like much bigger than this woman. Luckly I didn't get any damage. But my bumper hit her tail light and broke the cover, that's it. All the lights still worked. She made me stay there while she went back in the store to get a disposable camera. So she took pics. I took pics with my cellphone....
So she demanded that we make our claims...blah blah blah. Chad laughed and thought the woman was plan stupid. We couldn't call the cops about it because it was on private property (the grocery store parking lot)

Ok, so next, which I guess is this morning. Saira and I are walking out of Wal-Mart and an old man hits us. Literaly, he bumped into my elbow. I had to jerk Saira out of the way or his tire would've run over her feet. She was holding my right hand and the man was coming from my right. So Saira was on the bad side. My elbow literaly stopped the man. My elbow is all skinned up. Saira and I are totally ok though.

Next, this evening I see a little copperhead snake by a tree in our yard right up beside the house. I had my dad stomp the hell out of it. Yay Dad, hero of the day, he killed the snake. Man, that gave me the hebee-jeebee's!! What's crazy is that thing was about an inch away from my flip-flop wearing foot. ACK! ewww! EEEK!

I guess that's it for now. I'll let ya know of anymore interesting mishaps. :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Damn Spam

Is there a way to get rid of blogging spam without passwording? What about the word verification option on the comment box? Will that help?? INPUT please folks... :) :)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What does Jayme need?

Thought I'd finally do this. Stolen from Blue, JavaMama and PurpleMama.

1. Jayme needs to start working. (whatever! lmao)
2. Jayme needs it. (You bet I do!)
3. Jayme needs to stay in America. (I wasn't gonna
4. Jayme needs human contact. (boy howdy I do!)
5. Jayme needs online adverting.
6. Jayme needs supervision. (rotf!!)
7. Jayme needs blood relatives. (I have those already??)
8. Jayme needs to file with the Feds. (Oh really?!?!?)
9. Jayme needs tenants. (I have enough...LOL)
10 Jayme needs to quit her job. (don't think the kiddos will like that, but OK...LOL)

Do a google search and type in, "(your name) Needs" to find out what your needs

Fall, yeah right!

Here it is, November the 8th and we in Southeast Texas are wearing our shorts and flipflops again...LOL It's just not right I tell ya. I need some pretty fall colored trees around me, some crisp cold air. I think I'm living in the wrong region. These HOT Novembers are getting old now., Christmas Day I'll be in shorts Well, at least last Christmas snowed. Well, kinda sorta. We had a white ground for a few minutes. It never really stuck. It sure was nice though. Bet that won't happen again in my lifetime.

Happy Fall Everyone!