Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Truck...WOW!

Today I was driving around in my hand-me-down '91 Ford mini-van and tonight I came home in a brand new 2005 Silver Dodge Ram 1500 QuadCab Lonestar Edition truck. Woohoo! We haven't had a new vehicle since Nov. of '97. Which was our '98 2 door Cavalier. We are so tickled to death.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Gotta love'em

I'm addicted to my Sims games again! AAAACK, I'm hoping I get another expansion pack soon. Perhaps for my soon, upcoming birthday I can get one. I've already got Livin' Large, Houst Party, Hote Date and Vacation.

Anywho, I think it's time to play some Sims.

Later Gator!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Trip to the dentist

Poor Ryan had to go to the dentist on Thursday, June 16th. A cap had come off a molar and his tooth began to hurt him really bad. So I call up the dentist and got an appointment. They gave me a freaking 8am appointment. WHAT THE HECK, hello, that's way to early. We managed to get there at 8, thank goodness. We were first in line. YAY! So we went to the little room, he gets strapped down to the board and they get a look at the tooth and said it had to be pulled because the tooth was so far gone. Alrighty, that works, no drilling to totally freak him out. She was so cool, she went ahead and pulled his front top tooth that needed to come out. So he left with 2 less teeth. But she went ahead and capped the other molar that needed to be recapped. Go dentist lady. And it was all for a discount. She rocks! And Ryan was so brave. I liked her alot. She was so comforting towards him. I hope he gets to see her again the next time we go. :)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Live'n in the 80's

Alrighty, so maybe I've watched "13 going on 30" a little to much lately. But I'm always singing Pat Benetar "Love is a Battlefield". "....we are Young! Heart ache to heart ache, we stand!!! No promises, no is a battlefield". Last month I downloaded the song. And I just listened to it again. So here I am with my little fluffy 'rose' pen to my mouth like a mic and hopping and skipping around singing the song. Saira thinks I'm pretty darn

OK, you CAN stop laughing NOW! Gesh...rotflmao!!!

It's an oldies night

And here I am tonight downloading all kinds of old country music that I remember listening to when I was a little girl. Although I have thrown in a few new good ones of todays new hits. Chad got me started on it tonight before he left. Him and Ryan went to play football on playstation with a few of the guys. Chad thinks Ryan's going to kick everyones butt. LOL I'll be sure to update you all on that one. :) But before he left we were listening to an Alabama song, "Close Enough To Perfect". And that got me started on an oldies kick. Country oldies that is. Any of you know of anything I should add to my list?

By the way, lets all thank Hilary for reminding me that I need to UPDATE. :)

For some reason I've been busy doing a bunch of nothing the last week. I suppose you can say we've been doing family stuff the last 2 weeks. Chad was without a job so we all kinda like hung out together and watched tv and all that jazz. So anywho, that's what's new.

Peace Out....(rotf)