Saturday, April 03, 2010

Big Adventure...again...

Chad is still working in Memphis. So as soon as school was out (at 3pm) on Thursday, we headed on out for our 9 hour trip. It was much better traveling at night with the kids. Not that last time was bad. But they were able to sleep more than 1/2 the way here. Traveling at night brought back memories from when I was a kid. Back then, we traveled around ALOT! If we weren't moving, we were on a vacation some where. It was great. We also did alot of traveling from CA to TX. And that's where my trip the other night brought back memories. As a kid, I'd stay up late keeping my mom awake. Back then I was great at it. ...I was a motor mouth...LOL ;)

I feel bad that the kids are missing church in the morning for Easter, and the egg hunt. BUT, sometimes I think it's more important to go and see the one you love! So in the morning, we're going to meet Chad at IHOP when he gets off work. And when we're done, we'll pack up and head home. Probably some where around 9am or so.

Maybe when I get home I'll remember to upload some of our Memphis pics.... from this time and last time.