Wednesday, December 29, 2004

That was fast...

Wasn't that a fast holiday season? It just kinda snuck right up on me and then I turned around and it was gone. Now here I am with way to many toys to keep up with from the children. There should be rules about how many toys a kid can get. LOL Really, we all had a great time this Christmas. Had 4 of them. One with my family, one with Chad's family, one with the two of them together and then one with my dads family. Hmm, I think we should do it this way from now on. :) But I wonder if we can start a little earlier in the month and keep on going...LOL

Ryan got a bike for Christmas. Santa left it in mine and Chad's bathroom. What was Santa thinking? Ryan has decided he must've needed a potty break. Not only did he need a potty break, but he left a cookie mess in the fire place. The kids thought that was so funny. ;) So Christmas morning him and Chad go on a first ever bike lesson. I think everyone that had a camera had it out. I had the camcorder going and of course the batteries didn't last long enough. The Kodak moment was when my great aunt thought she'd demonstrate how to ride a bicycle.

Saira got 5 baby dolls. One came with a little crib. She's in dolly heaven. Saira either has 1 or 2 'babies' in her arms at all times. Today we went to visit her Maw, that's Chad's mom. She just HAD to bring a baby. She wasn't about to leave the house without her baby. ;) Ask her what the babies name is that she's holding and she'll tell you Newt. That's her own nickname. Cute cute cute!!

Ohhh hummm......I miss Christmas already. But hey, it snowed. Isn't that something? Christmas of 2004 it snowed!! Be sure and put that one in the books.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Oh boy! My first post

Gee, how exciting! I've created my first ever blog. It's a little intimidating. But I think I can make this work. All I have to do is tell you everything that's on my mind. Hmm, that could be rather boring though. LOL!!