Monday, August 25, 2008

That time of year again...Back-To-School

What an exciting day!!  The first day of school.  When I was a kid, I loved the first day of school.  I always looked forward to it.  Of course I looked forward to seeing all my friends, but I really enjoyed most of the subjects.  I loved History and Geography.  Today, I'm really not so great with dates and some history, but I still love it!!!  But Geography has never left me.  Tonight I was reading a paper that Ryan filled out and it had info about himself.  What color hair he has, what color eyes.  He wrote, "Hasl" or something like that...HEHE, he has Hazel eyes.  But anyways, it asked something like what subject you look forward to learn the most.  And he wrote "Math".  I was so proud to see that.  I hope he excels in math.  He always does soooo good in it.  My mom and grandfather were like whiz-bang mathematicians, so much I think they took my part....LOL  ;)  But anyways, that was really great to see.

They said they had a GREAT 1st day back to school.  :)

We started our day off by getting up and watching a cartoon while I made blueberry pancakes.  Gotta start off the day will a full tummy to fuel those little brains.  They got themselves all pretty and handsome and we loaded up with our overly heavy backpacks and extra bag of supplies.  Off to school we went.  This year was the first year I was pretty much in and out of there....compared to previous years.  This makes Ryan's 5th year of school....Pre-K thru 3rd now.  And all the previous years I would hang around for a good few minutes and watch him as he got his day started.  I'd help with his supplies and all that good stuff.  This time....  pshhhhh!  I showed him his room.  Helped him find and empty desk and that was that.  :(  How sad.  I think all the students were glad to see me.  ....they like  ;)  HEHE  Some I hadn't seen in a few years, because they haven't been in his class the last several years.  But his teacher came back in the room and I asked her if I could take a picture of the two of them.  And she was all excited about that.  She suggested where to take it....  along her Olympic Medal display.  She told me she was hooked on it the last 2 weeks, I said ME TOOOO.  lol  You'll see that pic at the end of this post.  So then I was off to Saira's room.  I had already dropped her off at her room first.  The parents were instructed to pull all their childrens supplies out and put them in the proper assigned location for each item.  That made it easier on her to put them away later on.  After I did my duties, I asked if I could take their photo too.  And so we did that.  I told them bye and took a couple of pics of Saira as I was leaving.  What a quick morning, I tell ya.

I didn't really do much, except for come home, eat my breakfast, make coffee, have a few cups, watch tv, fiddle on the computer and talk on the phone with everyone.  Then it was time to go get the kids at 3:10.  OMG, what a terrible/crazy line of cars at the school.  Craziness I tell ya, craziness.  I swear, those parents don't know how to form one line.  And I hate those parents that park on the side and walk up to get their kids.  UGH, so annoying to have those cars stuck in the way.  We didn't get back home until 3:25.  It doesn't take but 3-5 minutes to get from my house to the school for heaven's sake. 

So then, it was rush time.  Time to eat our snacks as fast as we can, get dressed for TaeKwonDo and head out the door by 4:00.  My son is the slowest clothes changer I know...LOL  But anyways, we made it to TKD right on time.  Once that was over, we had to go straight to football practice.  He changed into his football gear there at TKD, they all looked at us like we were goofy or something...LOL  On my way to practice Chad calls me, and says he's stuck in traffic and won't make there on time and asks for me to fill in for him.  ....say what?  Me??  ...yeah, ok, I'll fill in.  I'm now Coach Jayme.  Woo Woo....LOL  "down.....set...HUT!!!"  I was impressed with the boys, they actually listened to me.  I wasn't very nice either.  You can't be nice...LOL It's football.  I did a good job I thought.  ;)

Our day finally ended around 8:30.   And I have to tell you, I hate football and baseball season.  It means my kids don't get to bed on time.  Bed time is at 8pm here at my house.  But after being Mom, Bus Driver, Chauffeur, Coach and then mom again...shesh, I was pooped.  LOL  I'm going to bed early tonight.

But here are the few pictures that I had taken today....
So we had a wonderful day back to school...a little busy at the end of the day, but it was a good day.  :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Layouts from the Retreat

Like I mentioned earlier, I made 10.  I was proud of that.  Because my goal was to complete the vacation album.  :)

This first one was pics from my birthday this my '2nd Party' as the kids called it...LOL I used Scenic Route papers with Scenic Route alphas, stampin up buttons and a ribbon from one of the ladies from the retreat.  :)
This 2nd one, I've scrapped the pics before.  But I put the layout in my 'whatever'  I made this one for Saira's album.  The pics are from Christmas '03, her 1st Christmas.  The pics crack me up becaue if  you look carefully, you'll see how she gets more and more into her brothers face.  LOL I used Daisy D's papers here
Again, this is her first Christmas...  my how time goes by so quickly.  And it was really neat to experiance the 2 Christmas' with Ryan and Saira.  His first, he was just 2 1/2 monthls old.  Were as she was 11 months old.  And able to enjoy her Christmas.  :) I used Daisy D's paper here with stampin up buttons.
See?  LOL  he was my little bitty guy, not knowing what was going on for his first Christmas.  I used stampin up papers here and bazzill card stock.
I guess I was tired of working with baby pictures...LOL  These St. Patty's Day pics are from this year.  It was a MAJOR windy day that day.  It was practicly knocking us down.  So I made it a quick photo shoot...LOL
More St. Patty's.  Check out the wind blowing through her hair...LOL  I used Bazzill bling CS, American Crafts ribbon, fancy pants chipboard, doodlebug glitter, some misc. green paint, and a pre-made journalling block from one of the ladies at the retreat.  :)
Yep, more St. Patty's.  :)  I used Bazzill CS, stampin up PP's, MM's buttons, and Creative Memories title sticker.
Love this one.  :)  I used Bazzill CS, MM's alpha's, Crate Paper PP's and tag.  These pics are from the last crop I went to in May for National Scrapbook Day.  Had lots of fun there with Kim!!
Haha, this one cracks me up....  or should i say...  quacks me up...ROTF!!!!!  Anyways, this is my brother.  And I'm pretty sure the little duck belongs to his step daughters...LOL  He's so goofy!!!  I used Crate Paper PP's and some misc. cardstock as well as stampin up cardstock, MM's buttons, and Thickers.
I'm not to thrilled with this page.  I think it's mainly just the photo.  I didn't like my wedding pictures.  But as you can see we were tickled pink to be married.  ;)  I used Crate Paper PP's, Bazzill CS, MM's flowers, SU buttons, Pink Paislee alphas.
Thanks for looking at all my LO's.  :) 

A Layout Before the Retreat

I did this layout earlier this month and forgot to upload and share.  ;)  I love this one.  The pics are from a night when Chad and I went to a crawfish boil at a coworker of his.  We had a great time.  Ate our weight in crawfish, had some drinks and then we went to chili's.  I had dessert, but Chad and his friend had a regular meal...LOL  And we had some more drinks. 
Bazzill CS
Misc PP
stampin up button and MM's buttons
target ribbon
MM's flowers
don't know who makes the tickets... ;)

Busy Life

Sorry for not blogging in so long.  Shame on me!!  I guess life here in my house has gotten rather busy.  Last week I was going to the College for 4 nights to get my Substitute Teaching Certificate.  I had so much fun going to that class.  The instructor was a laugh a minute, she was wonderful!!!  I actually wouldn't mind going to her class every day.  ;)  Let's see, what else...  July 30th Ryan started doing TaeKwonDo.  He's already gotten his 2nd stripe, about to get his 3rd and will test for his yellow belt on Sept. 20th.  He loves it!!!!  This week we started football practice for him.  And now school starts on Monday.  The kids are excited and ready to go.  We have all the supplies and clothes as well.  Ryan starts 3rd grade and Saira will be in Kindergarten.  I'm pretty sure Monday will be a bittersweet day for me.  I'm excited that she'll be going to school all day, but at the same time it's rather sad.  :(  She's my baby, and growing up so quickly.  I'm sure I won't cry at school.  I don't like to cry infront of people...LOL  Especially her.  ;)  But I know as soon as I get going down the road I'll cry my little heart out. 

Oh, last weekend, I went to my first Scrapbook Retreat.  O.M.G.!!!!  What a blast that was.  It was awesome to just leave my scrappy stuff on my table and go to bed whenever.  I mean, I do that here at the house anyways, but to go some where and not have to pack it up and go back home was GREAT.  We had our food cooked for us and we even had a certified massage therapist give us massages.  She was wonderful.  It was much needed after all the scrapping we did the first day.

I will post pics of my 10 layouts that I completed.  But I won't be posting pics of the 96 7x7's that I did to complete our '07 vacation album. 

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


All is well...  The storm did not upgrade to a Hurricane thank goodness.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Weather in the Gulf

Wow, sorry I haven't blogged much this summer. I guess the lazy days of summer have gotten me or something. It's not like I have all kinds of exciting things going on during the day either...LOL So it's either laziness or ....or.... or..... yeah, it's just laziness...LOL School starts soon enough so maybe I'll find time then. More on that later on....

but first... Lets talk about the weather.

Tropical Storm Edouard will be blowing in for a wet and windy visit tomorrow afternoon. I haven't even baked a cake for him yet. Maybe cookies will work for him. Not sure I have everything for a cake. But yes, he's coming and I don't like it. We're not leaving this time. Well, actually, before tomorrow afternoon we will probably hop over to Chad's mom and dad's. They are in a more stable house. We live in a double wide. Not Tropical Storm/Hurricane friendly. Although, it surived just fine and dandy during Hurricane Rita and it was a powerful storm. There were trees ALLLL over my yard. I'm sure some of my readers recall all of that.

Well, I hope I won't have pictures to share with you later. Meaning, I hope nothing happens. And HOPEFULLY I'll be able to log back on just as soon as it passes to update all of you. If not, don't panic...LOL... ;) My internet could go out....IF something knocks the little antenna thingy on my house (it's not a satelite, it's a little antenna) for my wireless internet.