Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Time

Gesh! What a crappy Halloween EVER! My poor little kiddos didn't get to go trick or treating this year. Mother Nature decided we didn't need to go this year or something. She opened up a big flood in the sky just before dark. It was terrible. I had bought 4 huge bags of candy for trick or treaters. But now my kids will have to eat it At least I had some candy for them. And we dressed them up and took them to my friend Nina's house and to their grandparents house down the road and they got a little bit of candy from them.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Yay! Finally Home!

This morning we finally got electricity back, since Rita came through. I was sooooo happy that I cried for awhile. Me and the kids went grocery shopping and to Wal-Mart. We had to stock up on cleaning stuff and things for the fridge and deep freeze. We lost everything in them.

Ryan's excited, he starts back to school tomorrow. He missed his "school mates" as he calls them.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Visited home

Today the kids and I went home and visited for a little while. We took a look over around the house to see what Chad and his friends had done with the cleanup. They did a really good job. There are still alot of trees and limbs all around the yard though, but they just can't take care of all of it.

So then we went to my good friend Nina's house and visited for awhile. The kids snacked on all her "treasures" she's collected from the National Guard. lol "treasures" meaning the MRE's and other packaged meals. That's what shes called

It was nice to get out and visit like we use to. :)