Saturday, February 26, 2005

Why Why Why

Someone PLLLLLEASE tell me what is wrong with the girl child!! She is 25 months old and has been sleeping through the night since she was like a month old or so. Now all the sudden, well actually like a week ago, she's been waking up in the middle of the night yelling for me, asking for her door to be opened. This morning at 4:30am we went round and round over this problem until 6:30am. Yes, I slept late too. I don't understand what her problem is about wanting the door opened. Why all the sudden? I've had several talks with her about it. At first she was wanting to sleep on the couch when she started all this. The girl child is having major issues I think. And I don't get it. Well, through out the day I ask her where she's going to sleep at night and she points to her and says, "In bed!" And I tell her, "Yes, that's right. No more couch." and she says, "Ma'am Ma'am" meaning yes ma'am. Awww, isn't that too cute??!?? I'm just confused about this, because she's never been one to be scared of the dark or need a light in her room. She's ALWAYS been a wonderful great sleeper. HELLLLLP ME!!!! THIS IS NUTS!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Family Movie Night

So we had a family movie night. Ryan wasn't to excited. Couldn't figure out why he didn't like our selection. I picked out Shark Tale. Everytime I saw the commerical advertising it, I would laugh my butt off. Especially when Will Smith would sing the little clip of "U Can't Touch This". Before we watched the movie, I went to Pizza Hut and picked up some pizza for dinner. Then we all gathered for the movie. We watched it and laughed through it. Then it was over and Ryan comes up to me...

"Mommy? Can you play it again please?"

"But I thought you didn't want to watch this movie?"

"But Moooommmmy, I really do like this movie. Can we watch it again pleeeaaase?"

So I put it on again and he's happy as a lark. Kids, they are so weird. LOL

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ok I'm Hooked!

I've become a blogatic. For 2 days I've blog hopped all over the internet. I must say, there are some really funny ladies out there. Last night my blog took a make over, and this is what it shall look like for awihle. I totally love this look. Thanks Hilary for the help! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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I made Texas - bold, underlined and

Doctor Visit

This morning I took Chad and Saira to the doctor. Of course they weighed and measured her. And she is 23 3/4 lbs and 35" tall. That makes for a skinny tall little girl... ;) Saira just has a cough. And the doc gave her a good strong cough syrup. And then she saw Chad. HAHA, he got a shot in his The kids thought that was pretty neat. Saira giggled so much over that. But Mr. Chad has broncitis and severe allergies. He got some strong antibiotics. She also perscribed him allegra, but we didn't get that yet. He did have the flu at first, but that part's gone now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

3rd Tooth Now

I can't believe that Ryan has lost his 3rd tooth now. And he's just 5 1/2 years old. He's about to lose a 4th. Which will make all 4 bottom center teeth. I can't wait for him to lose his top 2 center teeth. I think kids are way to cute with those teeth missing....

....well, as I was typing this out. Ryan lost the tooth that came out. He did the same thing with his first one. The tooth fairy didn't come to see him for his first tooth. He didn't have it for her so she didn't come. Now he's done it again. UGH! He said he wanted to look at it before she came tonight. I guess from now on I'm going to have to put the tooth box way up high somewhere where he can't reach.

....But anyways, he got the tooth out of his mouth his own self. He was so excited and proud of himself. The other 2, Chad had to assist in some slight pulling.

Well, speaking of Ryan. We've been working on getting 6 hours worth of books read. If he can get 6 hours done, then he'll get a free ticket to Six Flags Astroworld. So we've been working real hard to get alot of books read. :)

....a few minutes later.....
I found his tooth. All is well and the tooth fairy is on track to make a stop in Ryan's room tonight.

Monday, February 21, 2005

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Sweet Baby

Today I babysat my neice. My mother in law was in the hospital getting over the flu and broncitis. If she were to stay home she would've ended up with neumonia because she has COPD. Anyways, my father in law had to go to work at 12. And my sister in law had to be at work at 11:30. So I got to watch Miss Shyanne. Saira stayed home with Chad today. He didn't make it to work, because he has the flu. Saira has something, don't know if it's the flu, she's got a nasty cough though. But so far Ryan and I are staying well.

Well, I forgot to mention in my last post that Ryan did the rock climb at the mall on Saturday. He didn't make it far, but he said it was pretty fun. Of course, I didn't bring my camera. I was mad after he was done. I didn't bring it because I didn't know we were going to do something new.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

A Great Weekend!

Yesterday we took the kids out. Although Saira wasn't feeling her best. She's had an icky nose for several days. But she had so much fun. We went to Baytown to the Mall. Chad wanted to take me to see "Hitch". That was such a cute movie! LOVED IT! We took the kids with us. Saira slept during the movie and Ryan ate his popcorn and watched most of it. Once he told me he was bored...LOL That's his new thing. Guess he's gotten to the age of always saying, "I'mmmmmm booooooorrrrred". LOL But anyways, after the movie we took the kids up to the top of the mall where the carrasual is. They totally enjoyed the ride. Then we took them to the playroom. It's like those things at McDonald's where they have HUGE playgrounds of tubes and stuff like that. They had one for the regular kids and one for toddlers. So this time we let Saira have fun. She was such a big girl. We didn't think she'd do it. But she climbed all in the thing. She was a little slow, but it was her first time ever doing anything like that. We'll take her to the park and she'll play on the equipment there, but this stuff was like the thing at BurgerKing or McDonald's. Anyways, all of that took up our whole afternoon and evening. It was alot of fun. On our way home we stopped at Sonic and had dinner.

I've been reading a book to Ryan. It was my all time favorite when I was in the 6th grade. It's called, "From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler". He has to return it to the school library on Tuesday. I think he's the only Pre-K student to check a book out... ;) HEHE!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Woops, I forgot

I forgot to mention the computer stuff in my last post. DUH!! Wednesday I had to take the computer into the shop. After I reformated the computer it didn't work... the soundcard and modem that is. Because it wasn't original hardware. Although I had the drivers for it. Computers, they are so dumb...LOL They are like men, can't live with'em, can't live without'em. At least it wasn't expensive like I was thinking it was going to be.

I've decided I'm the biggest slacker in the world. I just can't get motivated to maintain my photo contest that I've been running since April of 2002. I've got to get on the ball and take care of that.

Today the kids made out their Valentine's. It was so cute watching Ryan write his name on all of them. I helped Saira with hers. I held her hand and moved her hand on the cards. And speaking of Ryan's name. I also think it's cute when I walk into his classroom and see where he's written his name on the board. All the kids like to write stuff on the board. I just think it's adorable seeing Ryan's handwriting on the board. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!

While Saira and I were out shopping we bought Ryan's teacher a Valentine card and a gift along with a real small box of chocolates. Like I mentioned before, her and I have become real good friends. And it was really nice to hear her mention that she thinks more of me than just one of the parents, but as a good friend as well. I was like, AWWW! :) So that made it cool and funny, that I had bought her this little heart shaped plaque that said something about friends to give her at the party. Monday is the Valentine's party for his classroom. I'll be making a pan cookie like I did for Christmas. I'm not incharge of this party though. I did volunteer for the Easter party and I'm stumped on what to do. I've never had an Easter party. We didn't have Eater parties at the schools I went to. It was Halloween, Christmas and Valentines. Jenny (Ryan's teacher) and her sister says they had Easter parties when they were in Elementary. So I told them they can help me out with ideas. LOL Any of you have any ideas? I was thinking about an egg hunt in their classroom.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

More BookFair and Computer stuff

Today I volunteered again. It was much slower than Tuesday, but it was still alot of fun. After school was out, Ryan came to the Library to find me. I know he was thinking that was really cool. Then he asked if he could go back to his classroom and wait, after he had thumbed through a few books he liked. A few minutes later, his after school buddy, Jasmine and him came back to the Library. They looked through a few more books and asked if they could go back to their classroom and play. They do that every Friday afternoon. So I'm sure they enjoyed getting to play together Tuesday and today. When they had walked into the Library together, I told one of the other volunteers that the Boosium Buddies were here. They are so cute roaming the school after schools out for the day.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The BookFair

Ryan's school is having the book fair at his school all week. So I volunteered my afternoons for Tuesday and Thursday. Today was so much fun. This one little girl came in and started gathered a pile of books and I finally leaned over and asked her how much money she had. "Five dollars", she says. One book usually costs about $3.99, so I knew she would only be able to get one book. So I kindly said, "I believe you'll only be able to get one book this time." And she was ok with that and said, "Ok, I'll get this book here then." She had about 6 or 7 books piled up. I thought it was the cutest thing. LOL I had Saira with me and she was extremely good. I was so proud of her. She kept the other couple of volunteers entertained when there were no children in the Library. I told Ryan's teacher that he could come to the Library whenever he wanted and I'd buy him some books. 5 books later...LOL...He got 3 and Saira got 2. And tonight we read them all.

On another note, I've decided I'll restore my computer tonight. Wish me :)

Yay! A PS2

Yippy!! Chad's aunt that works at Wal-Mart called to let us know they received a shipment of PS2's. So after we ate dinner, I headed that way to buy one. When I got home Ryan was so excited! We got the new Slim Line PS2. It's teeny tiny, the size of a DVD case. I opened up the box and Chad asks, "Is that it???". I was like, "yeah" I was so trilled that they finally got some in. Poor Ryan was getting so sad.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

UGH! What a run around!!

GESH! Today, me, Chad and the kids went searching for a Playstation 2. We looked at the Wal-Mart here in town and then we went to Beaumont. Looked in Best Buy, nope, no playstations. Looked at their Wal-Mart, nope, no playstations. We had Chad's aunt call all the surrounding 24 Hour Wal-Marts and no one has any. WHAT the HELL? UGH! Poor Ryan, he was so sad. :( I wanted to cry for him. That was his and Chad's present/gift out of the income tax return. We already purchased a game for them while we were at Best Buy. Saira was pleased as punch though. She got a pair of hoop earrings. They are so darling. She thinks she's all that and a box of chocolate now that she has earrings like mommy. Now we both have little hoop earrings. Lets see, I got a pair of shoes today and a desk. I'm so glad to get a new one. This ol' thing has been driving me crazy. It's basicly rigged on one side to keep it up. LOL Now I need to figure out how I'm going to get it put together. :)

Time to sing a song....

Rain rain go away, come again another day!!

I'm so tired of these icky, ugly, wet days. Once again, Chad was rained out from work. He got home at 8am. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day.

Ryan said the cutest thing ealier today. He brought up Ground Hog Day. I told him yeah, I think it's tomorrow (the 2nd). Chad said, that's when the ground hog comes out of his home and if he sees his shadow... And Ryan cut him off and said, "If the ground hog sees his shadow then we'll have more winter and if he doesn't then.... then spring is right around the corner." He said it all cute like. I was thinking what a smart little guy. He must listen so well at school. :) :)

Happy February everyone!! The year is on it's way to flying by so quickly.