Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This update goes out to a special request from a dear friend.....  ;)  ...you know who you are!!  ;)


From previous posts, I'm sure ya'll know I've been up at the Elementary subbing.  Last week was busy busy.  I subbed 1/2 a day for Pre-K.  Those little kiddos are the best, I love them dearly!!  Then I was called in to sub for the Music teacher.  That was interesting...LOL  We didn't do any singing and such.  I'm the cool sub...LOL  We colored and watched a movie...HEHE!!!  Then....  ohhhh then....LOL  I was asked that afternoon to sub for one of the 2nd grade teachers.  Infact, she was Ryan's 2nd grade teacher last year.  ....OH MY!!!  I had 2 boys that were something.  I sub for them again tomorrow.  And they will be seperated for sure... ;)  Mean Mrs. Downs is gonna have to show her face tomorrow.  This teacher has TWO ADHD boys sitting together.  I mean, I'm no smart cookie or anything, but ummm, is that a good thing to do???  LOL  These boys took ALLLLLLL day to get their work done because they were goofing off all day long.  But to add to that wild and crazy day with them, the Elementary went to the High School for the homecoming "Pepper-Rally".  I can't get Saira to say Pep-Rally to save my life...LOL  It's too cute though.  Thank God though, I got to drive myself over to the High School instead of riding on the bus with the kids.  It wasn't that bad though, really.  We actually had a fun day together.  I know they will be all excited to see me tomorrow.  All the kids are getting to where they are wondering if Mrs. Downs is going to sub for them now.  Awww, they are sooo cute!

So a few weeks ago, I had a SU! card making party here at the house.  We made 2 Halloween cards and a thank you card.  :)  But first I want to show you a Halloween card I made on the 5th along with a few other cards.
They were all made for challenges for National Card Making Day.  :)
And now here are the cards I made from my SU! card party.

More to come in a little bit....from Croptoberfest last weekend.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Job

Yep, I now have a job.  LOL  Never thought those words would EVER come out of my mouth...LOL  I'm still in shock.  But yep....I'm working now.  Thursday I started.  I don't know if I mentioned back in August when I was going to the local college to get my Substitute Teaching Certificate.  But I got it.  And I finally started working on Thursday.  Was called back for the same teacher on Friday.  And then on Monday I subbed for a different teacher. 

My first Subbing job was for Pre-K.  I was scared to death...LOL  But we had a most wonderful day.  They loved me and I love them.  So like I said I subbed again for them on Friday.  But Monday I did the Kindergarten Computer lab.  oh my, that was the most boringest day ever...LOL  Tuesday I had a break.  And today is a local holiday.  :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

You won't believe this.....

I won one of Layle's giveaways...AGAIN.  I won the 'Garland' kit.  I'm excited...  Last year I won the 'Loveland' kit and earlier this year I won the 'Liberty' kit.  I can't wait to get it and scrap alot of christmas pictures.

Friday, October 03, 2008

A little more of this and that

So this is my house....
...after Hurricane Ike.  You can't see the right side of the house due to all the tree branches hanging down.  Normally you could've seen it.  The left side of the house on the side where the tree is broke in half, is my bathroom and bedroom.  The front left side is the den where all my scrappy stuff lives.  The window to the left of the door is the diningroom and to the left of that where the little window is, is the kitchen.
Close call, you think??  We haven't messed with that tree yet.  We're going to get our yard men to take care of it for us.  Oh, if you look at the first photo you'll see our chimney is knocked around by the winds.
This is the back of the house.  That tree tried real hard to go through my livingroom windows.  But I have tough windows I guess.  Nothing went through our house, Thank God!!!  Our electric pole was knocked over a bit, Chad and his friend just had to stand it back up and all was well for that.  Thank goodness, cause my daddy isn't around for this hurricane.  He's living in Alaska now.  With Rita, I had to have him do a repair job on my pole.
The other angle of the back of the house.  Either the skirting was ripped off, or it was popping off at the seams.  While in Weatherford, Chad bought a window unit a/c.  It came in handy that's for sure.  I hate seeing this picture with it hanging out of my window though.  UGH!!
Back to the front again.  We decided to leave Chad's brand new car here when we left.  Thankfully, it wasn't damaged badly.  It just has a cracked windshield and a few little scratches.  The tree branch hanging at the house is what did the damage I believe and it came from the tree right by the generator.
Another view of that branch on the house.
Another of his car and the skirting.  Remember, Chad had not touched anything before we took these pictures.  This is what we saw when we arrived back home.
This is the road that goes around our house.  This tree in the road is from his aunts house next door. 
So that's that.  I only posted a couple of pictures out of 160.  ;)

A little this and that...

This location pictured above was my most favorite place to go while we were in Weatherford for the hurricane. :) It always put a great big smile on my face. :) ...and my mother told me to choke on it...LMAO! I think she was a little jealous that I was able to have Starbucks and she was stuck in Houston with no lights or opened facilities.

The pictures above are at Braums!!!! They are evil I tell ya!! We ate dinner there twice...LOL I hadn't eaten at a Braums since I was a little girl.

Ms. Kari and Ms. Saira were playing 'I Spy With My Little Eye'. They were so cute. They did that while I was registering for Fema at Kari's house. I love her house. It's so darn pretty!!!
I'll post some pics of my yard in a few..... :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Now he's 9

I'm rather sad about Ryan being 9 now. That means next year he'll be 10. ...in the double digits. :(

His birthday was Sept. 30th. And on his birthday the kids finally started back to school since the hurricane. Since his birthday was during the week, we celebrated and had his party on Saturday. Which was the same day as his Yellow Belt test for TaeKwonDo. After his testing, we headed over to Houston with two of his friends and went to Incredible Pizza. We all had so much fun. My mom, brother and Great Aunt came, as well as the mom and sister of one of his friends. My mom gave Ryan and Chad a Wii for their birthday(his was the 23rd) as well as 2 games. I got them a game and another set of controlers. All Chad knew was that I bought Ryan a DS game...LOL I suprised them with the rest. He gathered $60 from everyone and on our way home we went to BestBuy and he got another game. So he ended up with 1 DS game and 4 Wii games.

Yesterday while they were at school I went to the mall with Nina. I got him a cookie cake at Great American Cookies. And I got another game for the Wii at BestBuy. I finally found the Mario Kart and steering wheel. OMG, he had a blast yesterday when he got home. So now they have 5 games for the Wii. :)

9 years old and lost another tooth today. How many teeth does that kid have???? Like I've said before, if he's not losing teeth then she is....LOL

I'll try to post pics from his birthday soon.