Friday, August 26, 2005

Strong Willed Little Girl

OMG ya'll! I am so extremly proud of Saira tonight. Tonight was the rival football game between my highschool and Chad's highschool at my school. So I put a pullup on Saira knowing she wouldn't be able to make it through the game or whatever. After halftime she starts telling me, "MOMMMMMMY, I need to peeeeeee-peeeeeee!"....over and over again. I would've jumped up and taken her, but HELLO the restroom was clear across the other side of the field. UGH! I actually told her that it was ok, cause she had a pullup on. I still didn't think she'd make it, ya know. Well, a good 5 minutes goes by and she's still telling me. I told her the restroom was way over on the other side and pointed it out. So she kept telling me, "Mommy, I need to peeeeee-peeeeeee...over dare!!!". I couldn't take it anymore, I figured what the heck, lets give it a try. I still didn't think she'd make it over there though. We get there, have to wait in line for maybe a minute and a half. You know, that's a long time for a potty training kid. I said, "I just know your pullup is wet."

Don't you know....she proved me WRONG! GOOOO SAIRA!!! I was so excited. I don't know who was cheering more, me for Saira or the cheerleaders for the football team...LOL

Oh! And then after she ate some dinner when we got home, I had her get on the potty again and she went. Man, everyone needs a neighbor lady like I have to get their kids potty trained...LOL

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Such a Big Girl!

What a day! My little girl didn't act very little today. She had her little friend come over to play this morning. And little friends mama told Saira she needed to wear panties instead of her pullups. So don'cha know, Saira goes to her room, puts on panties and comes back to us and says, "Dare! I put my pannies on." About an hour later the little friend needed to go potty. So Saira, the little girl and her mama all go to the bathroom. The little girl pee pee's and then Saira says she needs to go. And she DID. AWWW, her pee pee'd on the potty! She's pee pee'd on the potty a few times before, but this time was different. So anyways, she went next door with the lady and her little friend. They even took a nap all She never would pee pee while she was there though. While they were gone, I went to Wal-Mart and McDonald's with a friend of mine. It was so nice being kidless. I get back home and call Saira to let her know I was home and they all came over. Then we all went to the school to pick up our boys. Her son is in Ryan's class. We get back home and Saira finally has to pee pee again and she did it on the potty...awwww! BIG GIRL! All this potty stuff was the neighbor lady's doing. :) Well, she finally had her accident tonight. I kept asking her if she needed to go poo poo, and she kept saying "noooooo" everytime. But I had to go get dinner cooked and don't you know, she went to her room and pooped in her panties...darnit! Oh well though, she did good with pee pee'ing.

Ok, so tonight, came bath time. Saira's in the tub playing. And I let her play for awhile. I went back in there and she took it upon herself to start washing up. And wouldn't let me help...LOL I think she washed herself 3 times...LOL

I'm so proud of her today. Major big girl day!! :)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Why am I so tired of the Internet? Is anyone else bored with it like I am?

Poor Kids

Woops, my poor kids are in for it now...LOL Last night I decided it's time to clean out their closets of all the toys. They have SOOOO much it's just so unreal. So I decided that today will be clean out day. I'll be taking everything to GoodWill. I hope I can get them both done in one day...LOL

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rain Rain Rain

Ok, I'm tired of the rain. And it's so weird...It starts raining around 1pm every

Monday, August 15, 2005

Too early

You know, waking up at 6am is just to early...LOL Me and the kids made it Thursday and Friday. We got up and got ready and was ready to go before it was even time. But last night I didn't get to bed until 1am. I had to stay up and get this PartyLite candle stuff done. Normally I would've gone to bed at 10-10:30pm So I could have enough sleep. I do believe Saira and I will have a nap time Probably just after Ryan gets on the bus. Today is his first morning to ride the bus to school. He'll be on the big bus. Last year he rode the short bus for the Pre-K kids. He's also bring his lunch today. The 1st 2 days he ate the school tray lunch. He's excited to tote his little spiderman lunch box. Everything is spiderman.....lunchbox, backpack and nap towel. Last year it was the same box, backpack and lunchbox. Thank goodness it's new

Happy Monday everyone :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Not Happy

Well, I just found out who Ryan's teacher is. He got the worst one. UGH! But my neighbors son will be in the same class along with Ryan's best buddy from last year. So there are some pluses. I wanted Ryan to have his teacher from last year's is her first year to teach and those girls are so great with kids. Their mom teaches 1st grade. I believe I blogged about this before...LOL So I won't bore you with that part. So I came home all depressed. UGH! But I've decided to look at it on the brighter side. Which is the neighbor boy is in his class and his best bud. Also his class is right next door to his old classroom. And I'll be able to visit with his teacher from last year. It makes me sad cause I won't get to have a close relationship with his kindergarten teacher this year. Like I did last year with his pre-k teacher.

Oh well though, I'll make lemonadeade from the lemons I was just given. :)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Just Beautiful

My heart just melted a second ago. Ryan comes to me and says, "That's just beautiful huh mama?". He was in the livingroom watching Land Before Time. It was over and the music was playing at the end. I could hear him in the livingroom singing and humming to the melody. Then he comes in here and says, "That's just beautiful huh mama?"

I haven't felt good today and earlier this afternoon he told me I needed to lay down and take a nap so I could rest. He told me to do that several times. He's been so sweet today. :)

New Look...

I'm going to give it a go at changing my background. Wish me luck. I don't know that I'll get it right. The codes for this blog stuff is weird. And I didn't put this pretty pink background up for me. My dear friend did it for me, and she's so great at this stuff....Hilary...wanna help??? LOL

Poor plant

For some reason, I can't remember to water my little ivy that Chad's aunt gave me a few months ago for helping take care of her when she had surgery. It's my first plant since we've moved into our own home. I wouldn't have old ones but a WITCH of a girl tossed my plants out, thinking I didn't want them. UGH! The ol' huzzy! She pissed me off big time, cause those ivy's were from my grandpa's funeral and my cousins funeral. And one was from YEARS and Years ago when I had a beta fish and thought I'd put one on top of his jar, but it didn't work out so I just potted the plant. I even had my dear friend Nina's brother drill holes in my metal pot so it would drain. Ahhhh memories of my good ol' plants. :( Makes me sad! :(

Well, anyways, I need to get some potting soil for this ivy that his aunt gave It needs to be repotted. And of course, forgetful me can't seem to remember to buy any...LOL I'm so lazy that I did buy a terracota pot to repot the little guy, but didn't get the soil, right... so I put a few plastic grocery sacks in the bottom of the pot to make the plastic container that the ivy came in stand

I'm pitiful! lol

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Busy with Ryan

Well in Spring, it was T-Ball. The fall is coming and it's FOOOOOOOOTBALL time! We've signed our little guy up for youth football. Chad is going to help coach too. I think Chad is so excited about it. His dream is to be a coach. But we aren't sure if he's got the patience to do this with little kids. No, really, he'll do fine. But omg! Ryan is beyond excited about this. The kid got shoulder pads last Saturday when we signed him up and they gave him an old jersey so he can practice in. I kid you not, this child has not taken them off since then. He wakes up in the morning and puts on his pants from baseball, then slips on a tshirt and puts the shoulder pads on, manages to get his jersey on and THEN grabs his play helmet that he's had, gets a football and starts yelling out, "HUT 1, Blue 42, HUT HUT HUT!!!!!!" and runs around the house....ROTF!!!!! He thinks he's an NFL player already. But he won't take his get up off until He's so darn cute with it all on though. Chad had a heart warming moment when he sae it on Ryan on Sunday for the first time. I do believe that's the moment Chad has waited on his whole see his baby boy all dressed up for football. T-ball was cool and fun, but football is in the blood, it's in his family.

That's my boy! :)