Saturday, April 30, 2005

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Yeah right! LOL What April Showers??? Guess we won't have those May flowers...LOL!!

Maybe Mother Nature got a little confused and thought it was May Showers Bring June Flowers...lmao!!!

What a BUSY day!

This morning was the parade. The kids enjoyed riding in it. But it sure was COOOOOOOOLD! I had to get Chad to come back to the house to get Saira a blanket to cover up with. I was in short sleeves, capri's and flip flops. BURRRRR!

By the time that was over I had enough time to get cookies baked and a few other goodies fixed for my PartyLite Starter Show. My show did really well. I'm still taking in orders for a few more days though, then I'll close it out. Thursday is my first solo-show. OMG, I'm already getting nervious.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Saira's Pageant

Awww, I was so proud of her!! I couldn't believe she did everything I asked her to do, right on cue. YAY, Saira!!! She ended up with 1st Runner Up. Everyone was saying she should've gotten "Little Miss Mayhaw" though. But oh well. At least she placed this year. :) I was so excited for her...and she was too. She's so proud of her trophy. Anyways, she did the bow when I asked her to, she blew kisses, she waved like crazy and clapped. She was loving it up on stage.

She gets to ride in the Parade on Saturday. Ryan gets to ride as well, with his T-Ball team. I'll ride with her and Chad will be on the side of the road videotaping his babies. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hi, I'm your new PartyLite consultant

Yes, I've finally found one that I like. And that would be PartyLite, which is candles. I'm suppose to be inviting all my friends and family that I know to my "starter party". And I have to get 6 parties booked before I can even get my package from my sponser. I've only gotten 3 booked though. This totally sucks. I can't get anyone else to help me out. :( Maybe this just isn't something I should be doing. I was so excited and thrilled to finally have something to do. And I love all the parties. I know that the 3 girls that booked a party for me aren't really interested in doing one. My starter party is for April the 30th. That is not this weekend, but the next. ....OK, so maybe I'm not your new PartyLite consultant.

Ok, nevermind

Everything is resolved, I am once again your new PartyLite Consultant. :)

Monday, April 11, 2005

Parties Parties Everywhere

I think I might be addicted to Let's see, About a month ago I went to a Lady DeSiree Lingere party and booked a party. Then the same weekend I went to a Premier Designs jewelry party and booked a party. So Saturday the 9th I had my jewelry party. BUT, I wanted to get into selling the jewelry and become a consultant. Chad and I talked to the consultant that did the party I went to and we decided that wouldn't work. You have to pay $375 setup fee. Then another $700 for the products to get you going. BUT, you can opt for other ways. Anyways, we said nope. The other day my friend from Alaska says she's become a PartyLite consultant. I'm like, what's a PartyLite? She says, "It's CANDLE'S". I'm like, "OoOooo!! Candles!!" Then I tell her, "well, I was looking into the jewelry thing, but we said no." She says, "PartyLite is FREEEE, you put no money into it." Right then I knew Chad would be ok with it. YAY! And he was. So the other day I got on the net and requested a consultant to contact me. And this afternoon I had a call from the consultant. I was tickled PINK! So now I'm working on my list for my Starter Show. Woohooo!! BTW, my lingere party is this Friday.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

fish fish fish

The last 2 weekends we've become a fishing family. We all LOVE it. Chad's grandpa gave me a rode and we went to Wal-Mart and bought me a cheap little reel for it. Ends up that I have the bestest rode and reel. :) Haha! In the last 2 weekends, Ryan has caught 11 fish. I've gotten 4. Chad's gotten about 6 or so. He's been helping the kids mostly. Saira's gotten 2. She has her own little fishing pole too. It's the Princess pole. Ryan's is Batman. We've been mennow fishing. So we have a new family thing to do and we love it. :) And it's cheap! :)

Monday, April 04, 2005

He's so sweet...

This morning, when I got up Ryan put the tv on channel 3 for me. I was so suprised. The thing is, is that every morning when he gets up, he'll go to the livingroom and start to play his playstation. The tv has to be changed to 00 for him to play. And when he's done, he'll put it on 03 for me, but I always HAVE to TELL him to get off the playstation. But not this morning. When I got up he said, "morning mama, I love you!" and changed the channel. Those little things are such sweet moments.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Fishing Day

Today we went fishing. Oh my gosh! We had sooo much fun. It was the kids first time to go fishing. Ryan caught 9 fish. Saira caught 2. He caught the biggest fish for the day. Me and Chad were so proud of him. The kids cousin Brooke came and she got 8 fish. Chad's grandma and grandpa came along. We all had the greatest time. I ended up with the worst sunburn on my left arm. OOOOOOUCH!! I've been miserable ever since. Oh, I got 2 fish as well. Chad just helped all the kids. He didn't have time to fish. But we all plan on going again this next weekend. I'll be sure to sunblock myself, like I did the kids. :)