Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mmmm, Birthday Cake is coming around the corner

So, I'm sure most of you know, I'm a big ol' firecracker baby, born on the 4th of July, bicentennial and everything. My birthday cakes are always red, white and blue. I think maybe twice they haven't been and I thought that was just a terrible thing for them to do. ;) I was searching the internet and this is a yummy cake I came across... Mmmm Very yummy cake!!!! Check it out, she shows how to make it too.

Here's a normal Jayme Birthday cake...

But the one in that link sure looks yummy. I might have to make it.....for extra...LOL
Find me some patriotic cakes and link them up for me. And your name will go in a hat for a RAK. We'll do this til Saturday the 12th. And be sure and tell me what you plan on doing for the 4th. :)


Bunny B said...

Ooo... Happy upcoming Birthday, you Independence baby! :) That linked cake sure looks yummy! Hope you have a fab birthday weekend!!

I like this cake HERE.

Vicki said...

Happy Happy B-Day to you!! Can you hear me sing?! Here's one yummy looking cake:


Jana said...

Can cup cakes count? This is what I have found...

Keely Yowler said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAMIE!!! I found you that patriotic cake...Enjoy!

missylangford1215 said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm in Beaumont, Texas.

Here's a couple of links for you:

How about a candy cake?

One that tries to add a little bit of healthiness:

Or one for lots of people:

How bout balls?

A hat:

A bunch:

missylangford1215 @

Darlene said...

Hey Jayme! Hope your birthday was grand!

Here's a cake:

Stampin Cats said...

Here's a cake I found. It is different and I could actually make it. LOL