Thursday, September 06, 2012

A great big random update

Going to try to update several months worth here...(pictures uploaded randomly, UGH!!)
Me and Niki on her birthday! (Feb)
My birthday present from my sweetie. Since I've gotten into reading. (July)
My baby boy had his appendix removed on the second weekend of Summer Vacation. Boy was he a trooper. You would never have guessed he had surgery. (June)
Mine and Chad's first vacation all on our own. We spent a few days in San Antonio at the Riverwalk. (April)
I started reading!! Never been a book reader. Reading always puts me to sleep. But I REALLY love this series. I watched the movie first, and then bought the books. (March)
Ryan's check up with Dr Wolffe, who did his surgery. (June)
Chad's Father's Day Caake! LOVE IT!!!!! (June)
Easter cake!! (April)
Mayhaw Festival, Saira's face painting. (May)
ANNIE!!!!! (April)
Saira's 9th Birthday! (Jan)
I got a Vue for Mother's Day!  LOVE IT!!!! (May)
KJ's bday!! (May)
Finished the Hunger Games, time to start this series.... LOVED IT!!(May)
Super cute earrings! I got them for my scrapbook retreats.  HEHE!!! (May)

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