Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Now he's 9

I'm rather sad about Ryan being 9 now. That means next year he'll be 10. the double digits. :(

His birthday was Sept. 30th. And on his birthday the kids finally started back to school since the hurricane. Since his birthday was during the week, we celebrated and had his party on Saturday. Which was the same day as his Yellow Belt test for TaeKwonDo. After his testing, we headed over to Houston with two of his friends and went to Incredible Pizza. We all had so much fun. My mom, brother and Great Aunt came, as well as the mom and sister of one of his friends. My mom gave Ryan and Chad a Wii for their birthday(his was the 23rd) as well as 2 games. I got them a game and another set of controlers. All Chad knew was that I bought Ryan a DS game...LOL I suprised them with the rest. He gathered $60 from everyone and on our way home we went to BestBuy and he got another game. So he ended up with 1 DS game and 4 Wii games.

Yesterday while they were at school I went to the mall with Nina. I got him a cookie cake at Great American Cookies. And I got another game for the Wii at BestBuy. I finally found the Mario Kart and steering wheel. OMG, he had a blast yesterday when he got home. So now they have 5 games for the Wii. :)

9 years old and lost another tooth today. How many teeth does that kid have???? Like I've said before, if he's not losing teeth then she is....LOL

I'll try to post pics from his birthday soon.

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Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Happy belated birthday, Ryan!! I was wondering how his TaeKnowDo test went. I've been meaning to ask, but I've gotten way too caught up with car wrecks and politics (sheesh, what a combination! lol).

Hope the kids are enjoying being back in school.