Thursday, September 25, 2008

And HE said, let there be Light!!

Tuesday, September 23rd at 5:30pm the wonderful men from all over the United States restored our power. I'm thankful for the strangers who have been helping Southeast Texas. Without them, we'd still be sitting in the dark and who knows for how long. I wanted to cry when the lights turned back on. The kids wooted and hallered with excitment! It was GREAT!! I had just taken my ice cold bath, had gotten out and was getting dressed. And the lights came on. It was Chad's 30th birthday and I was getting ready to go find something to eat for his birthday, instead of eating MRE's. Don't get me wrong, MRE's have been great. But it was his special day. You don't turn 30 every day you know. ;) I wish I was able to get a cake for him in town. But Brookshire's isn't open yet and Walmart closed at 5pm. We didn't get to town until 7pm. I did buy him a birthday card though. The most special card ever made too. :)

....So here we are today, Thursday the 25th. I got up this morning and turned my computer on in hopes that maybe...just maybe my internet provider has fixed their towers and I'd have internet....

Guess what.... they did. ;) I was so excited. Took me awhile to go through all of my 1965 emails. Chad had 43...LOL

Lord willing, we won't have to do all of this again anytime soon.

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Janet said...

Yeah! I'm soo happy for you! I cannot imagine having to get out of dodge and then come back to a huge mess. I'm just glad everyone is ok!