Monday, April 14, 2008

First Lost Tooth

Saira lost her very first tooth yesterday. And I think she's just way to darn cute too!!! She was outside watching her daddy wash the car with her uncle and it just popped right on out. It's been loose since Friday the 4th. I told her to keep wiggling it and it will come out soon. And I was hoping it would fall out before she goes to the dentist on Thursday. Good timing huh? lol Bad thing about it all was that it fell out literally, and fell to the ground and we can't find it. :( Poor thing. I told her we'll write the tooth fairy a letter explaining where it's at. We had to do that with Ryan before. lol

I'm trying to decide on which pictures to print out so I can scrap them. ;)


Jen Glover said...

Oh my goodness... how adorable! I love the pic! Hugs! Welcome to the Coconut ScrapShop's MB. So glad to have you!

Creative Angie P said...

How cute...I remember my girls 1st lost tooth! These days my youngest is keeping the tooth fairy busy (and poor)!