Wednesday, April 16, 2008

adding more fire to the pot

UGH! Monday evening, Chad's car broke down. He couldn't get it started to save his life. It's an older car, it's been through the ringer, it's a '98. He drowned it in 2000 I think it was. But anyways, yesterday he took the day off because we needed to take care of the truck business....rental, repairs, police report, insurance...blah blah blah, you know...LOL So then he also got his grandpa and a cousin rounded up to get his car towed back home or to some place to get it worked on. Well today he had to work just 1/2 the day, his car was ready...LOL

So that's the new scoop. I tell ya, I'm tired of this stuff. I can't wait for Friday. My neighbor is having her Stampin' Up party. And Saturday, I don't think I'll get out of my jammies...LOL

Anywho, I have 3 or 4 LO's that I need to finish and then upload for ya to see. So maybe later tonight I'll have something to show. :)

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