Friday, December 23, 2005

Story of Santa and update on my blankets

So on Wednesday, my dad calls needing a ride to the AMVET's. He's been asked to be Santa for a family in need. The AMVET's put together several big boxes of food for the family and toys for the 3 kids. And my dad played Santa, dressed up and all, it was his first time But it sure was cute!! Well, he wanted us to go so the kids could see 'Santa' too. Now, I don't know if you all recall, but Miss Saira is not all that keen about Santa. He's a stranger and she doesn't like So I never thought she'd talk to him or sit on his lap. Well, don't you know she was all excited this time, talked to him and even ran up and sat in his lap. Perhaps she could feel the vibe that he wasn't such a stranger or something. It was great. Nearly wanted to cry but I couldn't get over the funniness of him being Santa. It still cracks me up. But she didn't want to sit on Santa's lap a few weeks ago when Santa was at school. (not my She didn't scream or anything, she just didn't want on his lap, so I was proud that she got on his lap this time. ;) I got pictures, but it's not a 'professional' kinda scene. It was at the AMVET's, so excuse their

Now, about the blankets. I've gotten all of them done but 2. They don't need to be ready until Monday anyways. I'm a blanket making fool now. LOL Oh, actually it's 2 1/2 blankets. Not even 1/ It's for my cousins puppy dog. To match the one I'm making her.

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