Saturday, December 24, 2005

Santa Claus is town!

YAY! I'm so excited, I can't stand it! (oh and I hope you make it through the list of goodies we've gotten.)

We got up at 7am and prepared a Christmas Eve breakfast and had his mom, dad, brother, sister and niece over. I fixed pancakes, biscuits, eggs, sausge, bacon, coffee, orange juice and milk. Then we opened presents.

My mother in law gave me a bath set that I wanted and my sister in law gave me some bubblebath. They gave Ryan a remote control truck and Saira a Cinderella doll with a change of clothes, the dress lights up and the shoes too. They gave Chad a box of chocolate covered cherries, Aspen cologne and socks.

Chad gave me a new chain for my mothers charm. OMG, it was $150. He also gave me a watch, it's sooo pretty. It's a Relic. I gave him a new shower head for the shower, Polo Blue cologne, a shirt from Big and Tall and I made him a blanket. I made both the kids a blanket and we gave them a few outfits so they could have something to open this morning.

So then after we cleaned up, we went to my great aunts house. My mom and her boyfriend were already there. And lunch was ready. I was upset, I was suppose to help my aunt, but she got it all done. We weren't going to eat until 3pm too, but we ate at 1'ish.

The kids passed out presents with the help of my brother. The kids had such a good time doing that.

My mom got me a filing cabinet. To file all her PartyLite orders...LOL ;) And she got me this really pretty sweater from OldNavy, now we're just waiting for a cold spell around here...LOL Oooo, and she gave me the perfume I wanted. Miracle, So Magic by Lancome...Mmmmm smells gooooood. And she gave me a $20 gift card to StarBucks...she's the bestest! And she got the cutest little thing, a thermometer from Avon, it's called Snowy Days, it's so darn cute!!! It has snowmen on it. Cute cute cute!! She gave Saira a whole bunch of cute clothes from OldNavy. She got Ryan the fishies for his fishtank earlier this month and she gave him some clothes. Chad got an outfit from the Big and Tall store...a $100 outfit.

My brother got me StarWars 3, it was on my wish list...hehe! LOOOOVE StarWars!! He got Saira Mary Poppins on DVD and Ryan Polar Express on DVD and I think he got Chad Cinderella Man on DVD. So we all got a movie from him. Saira watched hers as she went to sleep last night. CUTE!

My moms boyfriend gave everyone a $20 giftcard to Best Buy. We can't wait to go. I believe we're all going to get a movie each.

And my aunt got me a new set of Rubbermaid. I was in dier need of them. Got some folder stuff for my filing cabinet and a label maker, to make little labels for folders and whatever else. I got this nifty thing called a Cocoa-Latte. It makes all kinds of hot beverages. And she got me the Betty Crocker Bake'n Fill bake set. It makes those dome cakes, like you see on TV. So she got Ryan a PlayStation2 for his bedroom and a game. A couple of movies. And she got Saira the Dinsey Princess TV and matching DVD player.

There are more gifts I'm sure, but I can't recall them at the moment, but I think I'm pretty close at getting all of it, by 1 or 2 items. :)

We got home tonight and I hooked up her tv and dvd player, awww, it's so cute and pretty! She went to sleep watching her Mary Poppins movie.

Gotta run, the kids have their gingerbread men, girls and trees on the plate for Santa. They made chocolate milk for him this time. And now it's time for all little boys and girls to go to bed...

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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