Monday, January 17, 2005

The other day Saira and I were cleaning up the house. We started off in the livingroom, picking up all the scattered about toys. I instructed her to pick this and that up and she did. Then she went off to the corner to pick up the "junk" toys as I call them, and to put them in the toy basket. I found something else for her to take to her room and I told her to take it and she responded, "MAMA! I kean up". She said it like 3 times and I just died laughing and told her excuse me and I was sorry. LOL!!! She was referring to herself cleaning up the "junk" toy mess, letting me know she was busy. Silly little girl, she always cracks me up.

Today I picked up Ryan from his grandma and grandpa's house. He wanted to stay with his uncle last night. So I picked him up and we headed to town to pay a bill. I stopped and picked them up a happy meal and I asked him if he had a good time and replied with yes and I asked him if Dylan's friend Logan got to stay with them as well and he said, "Yep, there was 4 of us." He was sure enough right, another little boy showed up to stay the night before we all left last night. He's getting so smart

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