Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Answers about Saira...

There are a few questions about Saira. Her clothes size is 2T but I'd like 3T's so she'll have something to wear come summer time. Like shorts or capri's and short sleeve shirts. She wears a size 8 1/2 shoe, but a 9 would be great. She LOVES shoes! She's really loving her Fisher Price Little People stuff. Here's a list of what she would like to go with what she has. She has the Farm, House, Playground and Noah's Ark.

Little People® Hippos, Pandas & Alligators
Little People® Animal Sounds Zoo+
Little People® Baby Zoo Animals+
Little People® Musical Zoo Train+
Little People® Suprise Sounds Fun Park-
Little People® Parading Pals-
Little People® Musical Ferris Wheel-
Little People® Neighborhood Vehicles
Little People® Lil' Farmers Market*
Little People® Lil' Sidewalk Rider^
Little People® Baby Farm Animals*
Little People® Animal Sounds Stable*

Some of those things will complete her farm house collection with the (*). One of them will complete her Sweet Sounds Home with the (^). There is Amusment Fun Park stuff with the (-). And Zoo stuff with the (+). I think we'll pass on the My Little Pony stuff, or maybe just 1. ??

I can't decide on what time to have the party. I'm thinking 3pm like usual. And of course, on the 22nd. That's a Saturday.

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