Saturday, January 29, 2005

Nice Family Time

Yesterday was a really yucky day from the rain and cold. Chad didn't go to work due to the cold and wet roads. He called in and over half of everyone was already rained out. So he got to spend the day with us. Me and Saira enjoyed having him home with us. He helped with getting Ryan ready for school. And then we all took him to the end of the road so the bus could pick him up. The little bus that always picks him up in front of the house was broke down. So we waited at the end of the road, he got picked up and we proceeded to town to take care of the shopping. Paid a bill and we had lunch as well. We got home just in time for Chad to go pick Ryan up from school. And then we went to the barbar shop to get hair cuts. Much needed hair cuts. Even though he picked Ryan up, Saira and I went to the school anyways to visit with Ms. Guye, Ryan's teacher. Her and I have become really good friends and Friday is our visiting day. Saira has a great time playing with Jenny, that's Ms. Guye. Today we went to her sisters classroom, her sister and mom both teach at the school as well. LOL, yep, 3 Ms. Guye teachers...LOL But anyways, we went to her sisters room to help her out with her ebay auction she won. LOL Nothing like playing on ebay at!! Saira did the funniest thing. She found this big dish full of those flat marbles and she was digging around in them. She got one and I told her that's enough of that and to get away from it. I figured I better move her away from the big dish. She said, "nooooo I 'eed two" LOL She needed two flat marbles. How does a 2 year old know how many two is???

For Christmas Ryan got flashcards, for letters and numbers. The last couple of days we've been going through all the letters. Even though the class hasn't been told which each letter is yet and what objects the letters start with. Although they can say the alphabet. But anyways, we went through the whole pile of cards and he knew them all except for maybe 5. At school they learn a new letter every week. As well as learning different things that start with that letter. One other thing that I'm proud about that he's doing now, is trying foods that he doesn't like during lunch. Ms. Guye's teachers aide has Ryan trying new foods.

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