Wednesday, February 02, 2005

UGH! What a run around!!

GESH! Today, me, Chad and the kids went searching for a Playstation 2. We looked at the Wal-Mart here in town and then we went to Beaumont. Looked in Best Buy, nope, no playstations. Looked at their Wal-Mart, nope, no playstations. We had Chad's aunt call all the surrounding 24 Hour Wal-Marts and no one has any. WHAT the HELL? UGH! Poor Ryan, he was so sad. :( I wanted to cry for him. That was his and Chad's present/gift out of the income tax return. We already purchased a game for them while we were at Best Buy. Saira was pleased as punch though. She got a pair of hoop earrings. They are so darling. She thinks she's all that and a box of chocolate now that she has earrings like mommy. Now we both have little hoop earrings. Lets see, I got a pair of shoes today and a desk. I'm so glad to get a new one. This ol' thing has been driving me crazy. It's basicly rigged on one side to keep it up. LOL Now I need to figure out how I'm going to get it put together. :)

Time to sing a song....

Rain rain go away, come again another day!!

I'm so tired of these icky, ugly, wet days. Once again, Chad was rained out from work. He got home at 8am. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day.

Ryan said the cutest thing ealier today. He brought up Ground Hog Day. I told him yeah, I think it's tomorrow (the 2nd). Chad said, that's when the ground hog comes out of his home and if he sees his shadow... And Ryan cut him off and said, "If the ground hog sees his shadow then we'll have more winter and if he doesn't then.... then spring is right around the corner." He said it all cute like. I was thinking what a smart little guy. He must listen so well at school. :) :)

Happy February everyone!! The year is on it's way to flying by so quickly.

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