Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh so Pretty!!

Friday I subbed for Pre-K.  That class is the one I sub most for.  But it was also the Valentine's Parties for all the kids.  Except for my class.  They had theirs on Thursday because the teacher knew she wasn't going to be there that day.  Sometime around 9:30ish I guess, the secretary buzzed in and asked me to come to the office.  I walk in and roses all over the place.  She pointed to mine and said those are for you....  I opened the card, already knowing who they were ;)  And told them they were from Chad.  She said, "awwww, he's still sweet as ever."

I took the roses to my class and all the little kids Oooo'ed and Ahhhh'ed over them.  ;)

The next day, on Valentine's day he took me out to eat and got me 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts.  :)  He's such a Sweetie!!!!!! 

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