Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Such a Suprise!!

I had the biggest suprise this evening!!
To start off, Chad wasn't able to get my Christmas present for me before Christmas.  He had hurt himself at work and severally sprang his ankle.  He wasn't able to go shopping.  I was suppose to be getting a new computer that the one I have is all that old.  But I need to revamp my scraproom.  It's been bothering him really bad that he hasn't been able to get me anything yet.....  and therefore he suprised me BIG time today.
He came home from work, I met him at the door when he walked in.  And he gave me a big ol' hug as he put his Nomax on the floor.  He ran off to the bathroom and told me to go grab his Nomax and check out the "hole" that needed to be sewn up...."before I got mad about it."  LOL  Cause he knows I don't like to sew up his holes...LOL  So I actually went to check it out.  Grabbed the Nomax and it seemed a little akaward, like heavier.  So I moved the Nomax out of the way and there was a gift bag underneath....A pretty pink T-Mobile gift bag.  OMG, he toally suprised me!  I grabbed the bag, pulled out the tissue and OMG OMG, there was a Behold box in there.  He upgraded me....  2 or 3 months early too.  My mouth flew open and I was in total shock.  I think he was picking around the corner at me as I was opening it all.  He was proud of himself. 
I'm in total love with my new phone!!!!!!!!!

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