Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Job

Yep, I now have a job.  LOL  Never thought those words would EVER come out of my mouth...LOL  I'm still in shock.  But yep....I'm working now.  Thursday I started.  I don't know if I mentioned back in August when I was going to the local college to get my Substitute Teaching Certificate.  But I got it.  And I finally started working on Thursday.  Was called back for the same teacher on Friday.  And then on Monday I subbed for a different teacher. 

My first Subbing job was for Pre-K.  I was scared to death...LOL  But we had a most wonderful day.  They loved me and I love them.  So like I said I subbed again for them on Friday.  But Monday I did the Kindergarten Computer lab.  oh my, that was the most boringest day ever...LOL  Tuesday I had a break.  And today is a local holiday.  :)


::Ali:: said...

Hurray!! Congrats girl.
It does feel different to be a 'working mom' doesn't it?
It will be nice to have the extra dough around too..

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

How wonderful! You have the right kind of personality for that job. (I'd terrify the kids. lol)

I hope these experiences are ones you treasure always!


Jen Glover said...

Jayme, Happy new job! I'm right behind you girl! I hope you are settling in and having fun! I wish we could get together for a coffee! hugs!

hilary said...

that's awesome, jayme!
i'm sitting here with a sub application on my desk as i type this, but i'm not sure i want to do it yet.

Anonymous said...

It seems everyone I know is getting a new job! I wish you the best and hope everything works out!! :)