Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This update goes out to a special request from a dear friend.....  ;)  ...you know who you are!!  ;)


From previous posts, I'm sure ya'll know I've been up at the Elementary subbing.  Last week was busy busy.  I subbed 1/2 a day for Pre-K.  Those little kiddos are the best, I love them dearly!!  Then I was called in to sub for the Music teacher.  That was interesting...LOL  We didn't do any singing and such.  I'm the cool sub...LOL  We colored and watched a movie...HEHE!!!  Then....  ohhhh then....LOL  I was asked that afternoon to sub for one of the 2nd grade teachers.  Infact, she was Ryan's 2nd grade teacher last year.  ....OH MY!!!  I had 2 boys that were something.  I sub for them again tomorrow.  And they will be seperated for sure... ;)  Mean Mrs. Downs is gonna have to show her face tomorrow.  This teacher has TWO ADHD boys sitting together.  I mean, I'm no smart cookie or anything, but ummm, is that a good thing to do???  LOL  These boys took ALLLLLLL day to get their work done because they were goofing off all day long.  But to add to that wild and crazy day with them, the Elementary went to the High School for the homecoming "Pepper-Rally".  I can't get Saira to say Pep-Rally to save my life...LOL  It's too cute though.  Thank God though, I got to drive myself over to the High School instead of riding on the bus with the kids.  It wasn't that bad though, really.  We actually had a fun day together.  I know they will be all excited to see me tomorrow.  All the kids are getting to where they are wondering if Mrs. Downs is going to sub for them now.  Awww, they are sooo cute!

So a few weeks ago, I had a SU! card making party here at the house.  We made 2 Halloween cards and a thank you card.  :)  But first I want to show you a Halloween card I made on the 5th along with a few other cards.
They were all made for challenges for National Card Making Day.  :)
And now here are the cards I made from my SU! card party.

More to come in a little bit....from Croptoberfest last weekend.


Jen Glover said...

These cards are adorable! Some of those stamps are on my wish list! Have fun with the little cuties!

Cyndi said...

I really like the card with all of the buttons. It reminds me of my Grandma's button box. That must be why I collect buttons. Now I just need to use them! Have a great day at work!


Darlene said...

such cute cards and thanks for the update...even though I didn't request it!

hilary said...

you really are very creative and talented. i bet you could easily sell those cards you make.

::Ali:: said...

Great cards girl! Glad to hear also your enjoying your new job!!

Anonymous said...

WOWZER!! Look at all those creations!! :) Fabulous girl!! You need more days like this one!! LOL!