Friday, October 03, 2008

A little more of this and that

So this is my house....
...after Hurricane Ike.  You can't see the right side of the house due to all the tree branches hanging down.  Normally you could've seen it.  The left side of the house on the side where the tree is broke in half, is my bathroom and bedroom.  The front left side is the den where all my scrappy stuff lives.  The window to the left of the door is the diningroom and to the left of that where the little window is, is the kitchen.
Close call, you think??  We haven't messed with that tree yet.  We're going to get our yard men to take care of it for us.  Oh, if you look at the first photo you'll see our chimney is knocked around by the winds.
This is the back of the house.  That tree tried real hard to go through my livingroom windows.  But I have tough windows I guess.  Nothing went through our house, Thank God!!!  Our electric pole was knocked over a bit, Chad and his friend just had to stand it back up and all was well for that.  Thank goodness, cause my daddy isn't around for this hurricane.  He's living in Alaska now.  With Rita, I had to have him do a repair job on my pole.
The other angle of the back of the house.  Either the skirting was ripped off, or it was popping off at the seams.  While in Weatherford, Chad bought a window unit a/c.  It came in handy that's for sure.  I hate seeing this picture with it hanging out of my window though.  UGH!!
Back to the front again.  We decided to leave Chad's brand new car here when we left.  Thankfully, it wasn't damaged badly.  It just has a cracked windshield and a few little scratches.  The tree branch hanging at the house is what did the damage I believe and it came from the tree right by the generator.
Another view of that branch on the house.
Another of his car and the skirting.  Remember, Chad had not touched anything before we took these pictures.  This is what we saw when we arrived back home.
This is the road that goes around our house.  This tree in the road is from his aunts house next door. 
So that's that.  I only posted a couple of pictures out of 160.  ;)


Jean said...

I'm so sorry about your damage from the hurricane. That must have been so scary, but you and your family are safe and that's what matters. It'll probably take a lot of work and time to clean up the mess. Hang in there.

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

EEEECCKKKK! You're bringing more flashbacks of Ivan to me. lol We ended up with a ginormous burn pile after all the limbs and leaves that had broken off and blown away dried up. It was weird seeing so many naked trees after the storm. Do you guys have that down there now? Heck you must...all the limbs look like they're laying around your house. ha!