Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th and a Great Birthday

I hope you all had a great 4th of July.My birthday was great. Friday I was with my mom, great aunt and brother. We had BBQ, cake and ice cream. Mmm, everything was sooooo yummy. My mom got me this cool gadget. It's called a Flip Video. Super cool little camcorder. It records up to 60 minutes and plugs directly into the computer and even charges back up that way as well. This is the one that I have...
My aunt got me this little portable hard drive called 'Click Free' automatic backup portable hard drive. I swear, the lady is a mind reader. I have been wanting something to back up my photos on my computer. So YAY, now I can.
Chad got me a spot at the weekend scrapbook retreat next month. I've never been on a retreat so I'm tickled pink about that. :) And my grandmother gave me $20. I'm going to put that away for my next shopping trip. There's no telling when I'll go again...LOL I haven't adventured out in awhile now.
Don't forget about the RAK!!!! Read about it here. You need to leave a comment on that post. And it ends on the 12th. Your odds seem to be pretty good, there isn't very many takers yet.

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Janet said...

Very cool birthday presents!