Friday, May 16, 2008

Movie Night

Oh dear, will SOMEONE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE knock me in the head!!! I can't believe I just purchased tickets online for The Chronicles of Narnia the Prince Caspian, tonight at 9:30. I DO NOT go to opening night shows...LOL It's like a mad house for opening night. We'll blame this on Chad, it was his idea to go to the movies tonight...LOL Yeah, I feel better blaming it on him...LOL

Well, I'm excited to see the movie though. And I know the kids will be too. I may have to get Saira to take a nap when she gets home so she'll stay away to watch it...LOL She gets all comfy in the theaters and falls asleep towards the middle of the movie. Doesn't matter if we go in the morning, afternoon or night. She takes after her daddy. ;)

We have to go late, because Saira has a 6pm t-ball game. Which will be over no later than 7:15, but we have to drive the 45 minutes to get there and then eat. So it's a late movie for us. :)

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