Friday, May 09, 2008

More of me on the Media

This morning the producer of Neal Cavuto with the Fox News Channel called to see if I'd do a phone interview LIVE with Neal during his show to talk about the sink hole, because my name was all over the place due to the article from the AP. Yeah, google Jayme Downs and see what you come up with...LOL WOW!! But anyways, that was interesting. His show was at 3pm central time. And I aired around 3:20.

I may not be a famous scrapbooker, but I am through the news media...LOL!! j/k ;)


Anonymous said...

WOW! Good luck on the news!! Glad you're doing OK!! :)

Jen Glover said...

HOLY MOLEY Jayme!!!! You are so lucky ! Winning from Layle and not falling into the sink hole! hang in there cutie!

Pamela said...