Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Tooth bites the dust

So how many is this? Gesh! It's like they are just falling right out of his mouth. Tonight he lost a molar. I think this made tooth #100 or something...LOL ;) Saira was jealous though. She came to me and said, "mommy, do I have a tooth that's loose?". I said, "No baby, you don't have any ready to come out yet." And she said, "Ahhhh man!!! I wanted some more money!!!". OMG, that totally cracked me up!!! They are killing me with these teeth. ;)

I have sinkhole update requests... ;)

The Daisetta Sinkhole is still there...LOL haha ;) No really, it hasn't changed thankfully, inspite of the rain we've had. It's still being watched carefully. All the media moved on and left us. No more hype for us. ;) Once a day I hear a local pilot flying over in his little private plane. But I think he might be apart of the survey crew. The top story now days.... We have an alligator or two that have made a home with the hole. I had a friend who was shocked to hear that we have so many gators around here. But we do. Daisetta is slap dab in the middle of the marsh/swamp lands here. You have to remember, we are really darn close to Lousiana. Last year, I think it was, there was a gator just a few feet away from the Elementary school that wanted to make home from a colvert. Crazy thing!! I think one of the local Constables had to shoot him. It was HUGE too. So yeah, we have gators and they are moving into the hole. The articles that I've read about the gator in the hole, are saying that the oil can irriate the skin on the gator, but it's staying away from the oil.

I never posted this on my blog. But I emailed it. Shows just how close I am to the hole. ...just several hundread yards.


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I'm so glad you posted. I was getting worried about you. Wondering if I should grab some rope and head on down there. lol

I've been trying to scrapbook our Mini-Moon trip we took to OKC the weekend before last. I keep getting interrupted, though! It's making me crazy! Who'd of thought doing one tiny little book could take so long?

Anyway, glad you and yours are focused on losing teeth instead of losing ground these days. I feel calmer already, knowing that the sinkhole has stopped sinking. Hopefully, for good!! :)

Janet said...

Geez Jayme...gators! First a huge growing hole, now gators. You probably have a shotgun ready, right? LOL!! Thanks for the update!