Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My poor babies...

I'm so totally heart broken. Both of my babies are hurt and boogered up. :(

Last night Saira fell out of bed. And she hit her baby dolls bed with her eyebrow bone. :( I heard her fall and hit something. It's not a normal thing for her to fall out of bed either. I hopped up and calmly checked on her and I noticed in the dark of her room that her eye was all messed up. So I picked her up, carried her to the livingroom and then REALLY noticed how bad it looked. I'm the calm one, Chad's the panic'er. I calmly woke him up, and quickly told him to wake up before he starts freaking out. Cause he does that when you wake him up. Gesh, he's sooooo weird...LOL But I made him wake up real good and I whispered to him that her eye is really messed up bad and to get some ice. Oh God, he started to panic...LOL He started to cry and she cried worse. Yeah, he was no help...LOL She didn't like the ice, so I got her to help me out with putting it on. I had her count to 5. And then we'd take it off. She quickly got over it and wanted to play Candyland, so we played 3 games and then watched cartoons. I kept her up for about an hour and a half and then put her back in her bed. I turned her tv on for her so she could watch more cartoons and I went on to bed. She kept telling me that she was still going to school today...LOL What a sport. ;) So she got up this morning all 1/2 bright eyed and bushy tailed. ;) Her poor little eye was swollen shut. She asked me when it would open up. I told her not for a few days. She was excited to go to school and show her teacher.

Now for Ryan. On Sunday Chad took Ryan and Saira to the baseball field to give Ryan some practicing time. They were gone for almost 1 1/2 hours. They finally made it back and Saira comes in asking for an ice pack. What the heck??!!?? She said Ryan's hand got hurt. I poke my head out the door and asked Chad what happened. He says Ryan got hit with a baseball while holding the bat. Ryan plays pitching machine and those balls shoot out of the machine sooooo fast and hard. His right ring finger got hit. It was all swollen and purple. I was able to move it good enough for us, so we weren't too worried that it was broken or cracked. Well, wait, let me rephrase that...lmao...I wasn't too worried, but Mr. Worry Wart was a little bit. Yesterday he woke up with it all stoved up. Well duh, he slept all night, not moving it. He wanted to stay home. But I made him move it around to get it going again. And all was well. Geeeee, mommy's are so smart. ;) He came home from school yesterday in good spirits about it. He said he's able to move it pretty well. And then this morning it's already starting to look better. It's still swollen of course. But he's able to move it even more better. I'm not really sure he'll be able to play his game on Friday. We'll have to see. Tonight is practice and I'm not sure he should really do that just yet. I don't mind him practicing on the field, but not at bat. He's first baseman and can wear his glove still....on his left hand, so no biggie. We'll just have to see.

:( I feel so bad for the both of them though. :(


Onto other news...
A few months ago, we stopped going to the diet dr. Well, this week I've started back up...minus the diet dr just yet. LOL Within the last month and half or so I gained about 7 lbs. blehhhh!! That sucked. Damn holidays and candy!! Candy is a HUGE HUGE HUGE weakness for me. CHOOOOOCOLATE!!! ;) Mmmmm! It was heaven though. Now that all those holidays are out of the way until Halloween, I'm good to go. :) Maybe I can get slim enough for a bathing suit for our vacation June 13, 14, and 15th. We'll be headed back to San Antonio again.

(I'll get a picture of her eye this afternoon and show you all. She didn't want me to take one last night.)


Colleen said...

Your poor little ones! Sorry to hear they're both hurt, but glad they seem to be on the mend!

Good luck with the weight loss!

Colleen said...

I tagged you too!

Darlene said...

omigosh! poor things! What a pic for the scrapbook pages, though. ;)

Miss ya - I just can't seem to get back into my old daily routines.

Mary said...

OMGosh!!!!!!! Poor Saira! :(
How weird that they both get hurt around the same time! How's everyone now?