Sunday, April 06, 2008

Baseball Time...

Yesterday was Opening Day for the kids. But Saira's game was postponed for another day. Her t-ball field was flooded from all the rain we had this past week. But Ryan's went on. But first, they had the Opening Ceremonies. They issued the hats when their names were called from each team. Saira's team was first.
Here she is being her usual self. ;)

Here she is getting her hat.

And then Ryan...

Later that afternoon at 11am was his game. Check out that batting stance. He did GREAT!

He struck out his first time, but the next innging, he wacked the ball over to the Third base area. Chad loves this shot, cause you can see the ball in mid air still before hitting the ground past 3rd base. (it looks like it's actually already on the ground, but it wasn't.)

Ryan's team won 8-5. YAY!!!! Go Nationals! :)

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