Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nervous Uncles

I don't have alot of Ryan's baby pictures printed out. I had stored all of his baby pictures on a CD and some how it ended up worn out with scratches.... EVEN THOUGH I kept it protected. I took care of that CD for dear life. I've been heart broken for the last 4 years now...maybe longer, I can't remember anymore. But for Mother's Day 2003, the year Saira was born, my mom created 2 slideshow CD for me, with music. One was of Ryan, the other was of Saira. Oh goodness....talk about major tear jerkers. I still can't watch them without crying. The music she had chosen was very very special. For his CD she put Elton John's 'You'll Be Blessed'. For hers she put a 'Sara' from Fleetwood Mac. If I could figure out how to upload the slideshow, then I would. I'll play around and see what I can do.

Anyways, I got these 2 pictures off of Ryan's CD. The top photo is the older brother, John Edward. He was 17 years old. The bottom picture is my baby brother and my mom. He was 15. I was 23...lol

I actually used all scraps for this LO.

Papers - SEI Granny's Kitchen, Sprial notepad
ribbons - Stampin' Up bayou blue, Linen thread
buttons - Targets $1 spot
flowers - Targets $1 spot
Brads - ??
Punch - Stampin' Up round tab punch
vellum tag and stickers - Colorbox 'baby boy'


Mary said...

I know how you feel... I have all of E's photos on a hard drive that's sitting here (not in a computer!!). Ugh, it's a sickening feeling! So glad you got some back!

Anonymous said...

Hehhee! Nervous uncles!! So cute!!