Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Birthday is coming

My baby girl is having a birthday next Tuesday the 22nd. She'll be 5 years old. Being 3 and 4 was just fine, but turning 5 is like WOW. Ryan's 8 and she'll be 5. My babies are growing and growing. I'm sure I'll have a few reflection posts by Tuesday. :)

Saira wants to have a Hannah Montana birthday party. She has 4 friends and a cousin invited. And lots of adults...LOL And all she's asked for is clothes and shoes. Now tell me that's not a girlie girl! LOL She is something else. ;)


Mary said...

Oh wow, 5 years old... where did the time go? Tell her to stop growing! lol

Vicki (SCS basement stamper) said...

They do grow SOOO very fast!! Enjoy them!! Happy birthday to the little one!! :)