Thursday, November 29, 2007

'How Lovely Are Your Branches'

Yesterday I finally got the tree decorated. It had been up since Monday. I just couldn't get the motivation. I guess the jet lag got me. lol

So here's my tree. I don't know how you all put your ribbon on your tree, so don't laugh at my technique please. :)

Instead of waiting til I finished, I went ahead and had Chad put the Angel on top. I didn't know if he'd be able to hang in there and stay awake. But he actually did. And I had the tree finished before the kids had to go to bed.

This was actually the first year that Saira got to put on ornaments all on her own. And might I say, she is a DARN good ornament hanger. I told her not to put two ornaments on the same branch and it must've clicked cause she did a GREAT job. I was very proud of her.

With Ryan, I had to tell him a few times not to put two ornaments on the same branch. Once he got it, he was doing a wonderful job. So is it like a girl thing or something, since Saira was doing so good from the start? LOL

Alright, so now it's all done and picture time in front of the tree. :)

And just a couple of pictures of just the tree.

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Darlene said...

what a beautiful tree! We are putting ours up this weekend sometime.