Thursday, November 29, 2007

Alaska Thanksgiving Pictures

Well, finally here are a few pictures for you to see. (I'll try real hard not to get carried was my guys first time EVER on a plane. Before take off Ryan and Saira switched seats. It worked out better that way so that Saira could 'people' watch...LOL

The first picture is Ryan and Saira first touch of snow. It was around 1am Alaska time, but my dad and Penny made sure they stayed outside to play with the snow before it was all gone, since it was raining that day. The next two pictures are of the kids in the backyard playing around having a snowball fight.

There's me and Saira all bundled up for the cold. Ryan's getting all revved back to attack his daddy...LOL

Me, my dad and Penny. They are such a hoot together!! Of course Chad and I brought Penny a Longhorns shirt....and yes, you know WE HAD to teach her how to hook 'em. I think she caught on pretty And then here's a pictures of some mountains from the Taxi when my dad took me and Saira shopping on Friday afternoon.

We started out by shopping at the Once In A Blue Moose shop.

Here's Saira with a bear. Saira and my dad with a bear...yeah, they are EVERYWHERE! LOL We ate at the restaurant for lunch behind that big bear. My dad being funny catching me in action eating King Crab legs. OMG, they are soooo awesome in Alaska. You can taste how fresh they were. :) Yummmmmmmmmm!

Am I getting carried away???? I hope not....LOL I have tons more to show....

After we ate, we went into this store called Alaska Mint. There was gold everywhere!! And when we walked out to our left was another gorgeous snow capped mountain. :)

There's Saira with another bear. And then we went across town to the Alaska Wildberry Products chocolate shop. Where they have a 2 story high chocolate waterfall that contains 3,400 lbs of real chocolate. Said to be the worlds largest. YUMMY!

Then we went across the street to Sourdough Mining Company restaurant for hot chocolate and coffee. Let me tell you...they have THE BEST sourdough bread...YUMMM...look at those sourdough rolls! And yes, there was another bear for Saira to stand by...LOL The next day it started to snow again. So me and Chad loaded up the kids including Penny's granddaughter.

We went to the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. And after that we went out to eat for lunch at the Sea Galley. Daddy told us to spent at least $150 on lunch. Well we ended up spending $125 on lunch. Not bad huh? LOL I had a $50 lobster. It was soooo goooood! Chad had baked halibut Imperial. mmmm, his was good too. we shared. ;) We had 2 appitzers, fried halibut nuggets and stuffed mushrooms, which were AWESOME! He had an Alaskan Amber beer. One of his first amber beers too. Oh yeah and we have an order of snowcrab legs too. YUMmmm!

After we ate lunch, I just had to show Chad the chocolate factory with the chocolate waterfall. And then we headed back to my dads to rest up and pack before we took off at 1am. I hope I didn't bore you with my pictures. I tried real hard not to post so many, but I couldn't help it. LOL :)


Darlene said...

Looks like an awesome time!!! ANd NO, you didn't bore me!!

Rachelle said...

Wow, Jaymers, you sure packed a ton of things in 4 days. I'm so glad you had a great time. The chocolate factory is my favorite place to go in Anchorage! Next summer will be a blast to get together up there...:) And I'll have wheels, so we won't need a taxi, lol. Maybe we can Mary to come up too...:)