Monday, October 15, 2007

Saturday's Croptober Fest Layouts...

So here's what I made on Saturday. I had gotten 9 layouts completed. We had a Bingo game going on the whole time, where we had to do certain things to mark off that spot. As we did a bingo, we'd get a little something for free. The more we did, we'd get tickets for drawings. And then the more pages we did, the more tickets we'd get to put in for the grand prize drawing. So anyways, here's my layouts and I'll tell you what I added to get a bingo...LOL

this first one, I didn't do anything from the bingo.

This one of my great aunt...(LMAO, how funny is that???)...was were we needed to use the new Paisley Maker from Creative Memories. Oh and to use the Creative Memories Precision Point adhesive. So I got 2 marked off for those...LOL ...go me! :)

On this one, I used the CM abc/123 stickers. So I got to mark that off my bingo sheet. :)

I didn't use any of the bingo challenges on this one. lol But I'm not happy with the way the picture turned out. It look soooo much better in person. Especially the photo of Saira and me.

Ok, on these I used the new CM Snow Maker (punch thingy). It's on the manilla colored cardstock on the bottom right. That snow maker punches 2 different images on the paper. You'll see the other one in my other layout....

This one was a 2 One was to use the CM snow maker, which I had already done, but HELLO, this one was Christmas, so why not use that cute little Snow Flake, right?? The other was to create a layout from one that was shown on the CM Paisley Idea Sheet. So I went with what you see here, minus the paisley, since I had already done that....and that's why I went with the snow flake....LOL Did you get all that??? lol

The challenge here was to use the CM frosted photo splits. I used them to adhere my vellum phrase. I like those alot better than vellum tape. lol And by the way, that's by little baby nephew. My only nephew. Isn't he the most handsome little booger?? I was there to witness the birth. My SIL had a c-section and I was the special person to be in the room with her...(for those that didn't already know).

Aren't I just tooooo gorgeous? lmao!

And this one is the kiddies from the Valentine's Day party in February. I just love these pics of them. And I used the paisley punch again.... :)

There were many more things to do on the bingo sheet, like refil our tape runner, that wasn't very hard...LOL Umm, what else? Oh, like get up and look at some of the things displayed on the tables, introduce yourself to someone you haven't met yet and some other things. :) But anyways, those are my pages. Thanks for looking at them. :) And hopefully you clicked on them to see them UP CLOSE and!! ;)


mommy_3 said...

i did not look close up on here, BUT in person and you did a wonderful job! cant wait to see more pages haha!

Mary said...

You were BUSY!!! How funny is it that I guess you'd do 9 pages though!! haha! It's awesome to see all of the new techniques you used! Glad you had a great time!!!

Darlene said...

wow, you got a LOT done!

I really like that paisley punch!