Sunday, September 02, 2007

My September

Woooo what a busy month, not sure if everyone has a busy month like this but here's mine....

5th - Saira's best friends birthday

14th - Chad's cousin's bday

16th - Chad's uncle's bday

18th - brother in laws 12th birthday

19th - Ryan and Saira's cousin's bday

20th - mine and Chad's 10th anniversary

23rd - Chad's bday

29th - my sister in laws birthday

30th - my son's 8th birthday, my neighbor's birthday and Chad's great aunt's birthday.

And then every Saturday we have Pee-Wee football games.


Mary said...

You have the craziest Sept. I know!!!

Kari said...

And you were looking forward to September??? just kidding. It's a big month for us, too. My sister's birthday, my husband's birthday, my birthday, 2 cousins, an aunt, my best friends youngest son, my neighbor's little girl, my son's 1st wife's second baby (yeah, did you get that? lol) - all birthdays for September. I think I should have spent my time making birthday cards instead of Christmas cards, huh?