Friday, January 27, 2006

Where am I?

I'm here now! Sorry I haven't posted lately...LOL I've been candle'ing it all week. My dear best friend here in town who joined PartyLite back in Aug is finally trying to make something of it and she had a $400 show on Monday and got it closed today. So I've been busy "sponsoring" her and coaching here in being a consultant. At the same time I've been working on 2 candle shows of my own, tracking my own show. BTW ladies, my stuff will be here on the 1st. YAY!

Ok, so what else? Hmm, nothing. I have a candle show, but it will probably be posponed due to the rain that's coming. But that's alright. :) Anyone that wants to make a candle order can place it with JavaMama...hehe! ...she's doing a catalog show for me.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. I've been so tired this week. Me and my friend have both been so tired...with this 'dieting' thing we're doing. But tomorrow night Chad and I will be going out. His best friends birthday is like the first week in Feb. (can't remember when it is) So they are having a get together at his house with BBQ and beer tomorrow night. So I can't wait. His wife said she wants Chad to finally get tore up with Brandon (his bestfriend). I was like, yeah right not Chad. He won't do it anymore. So she said I get the honor of getting tore up with Brandon. Since she know I can and probably will. I told her NOOO way, not again. New Years was good enough for me. I don't want to be sick again like that. UGH! YUCK!

So anyways, LOL

Java, dear, I hope you have a great day at your baby shower. I totally wish I could be there with you. :) Eat a piece of cake for me, ok?

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