Sunday, January 29, 2006

Had Fun

Well, we went over to Chad's best friends house for his birthday party. We had an awesome time. We all hung outside in the shop, played pool, did kariokee (after I got drunk There was about 30 people there. With alot that we didn't We, meaning Jennifer, Brandon, me and Chad. Jennifer had to finally go tell those people to leave...LOL It was crazy. Brandon's cake was a boobie We stayed til about 1:45am and came home. The kids stayed the night at Chad's mom and dads. Chad was drunk as a skunk, and I was buzz'n. I had 5 smirnoffs. And dont'cha know, everyone kept picking with me all night asking me if I wanted some GoldSlogger. I was about to start back slapping some people, it was getting on my nerves. UGH!

Today was my best friends birthday. She turned the big Thursday the kids and I went shopping and we went ahead and bought her a little gift and cards. The kids had so much fun. They wanted to get her everything they saw. They love her so much. She's the one that got Saira her Build-A-Bear last weekend. But anyways, this morning Chad picked the kids up and I got dressed. Then Saira and I went to her house and gave her birthday presents to her, hung out for about an hour and we came home for lunch. Later this afternoon she came and picked me up and we went to Wal-Mart. Got me a new pair of flip flops. I'm looking forward to the Spring so I can ALWAYS were my flip flops. Seems we can do that now, but in the mornings it's on the cold/chilly side and by the afternoon its warmed up, sometimes!!

Well, I hope you all had a good weekend. :)

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