Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Presents

My best friend introduced me to these really cool no-sew blankets made with fleece. Then we decided, "Hey, lets make everyone a blanket for Christmas, they aren't expensive and it's meaningful!" Here I am December 11 and have 10 blankets to make...LOL I've only made one...LOL It sucks cause this coming week I'll be pretty busy. Ryan has his Christmas play tomorrow night at the school and then again Tuesday morning. Then Wednesday is his Christmas party. Don't know what's happening on Thursday and then Friday is early out. Then he'll be home all the following week. YAY! Dont'cha just LOVE vacation time from school...LOL So if no one hears from me for awhile, come looking for me on my livingroom floor. I may be stuck there and not able to get up...LOL Due to making all these freaking blankets... ;)

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season! I sure am, cause it's actually cold here in Southeast Texas. It's usually nice and toasty on Chrismtas day.

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