Monday, August 15, 2005

Too early

You know, waking up at 6am is just to early...LOL Me and the kids made it Thursday and Friday. We got up and got ready and was ready to go before it was even time. But last night I didn't get to bed until 1am. I had to stay up and get this PartyLite candle stuff done. Normally I would've gone to bed at 10-10:30pm So I could have enough sleep. I do believe Saira and I will have a nap time Probably just after Ryan gets on the bus. Today is his first morning to ride the bus to school. He'll be on the big bus. Last year he rode the short bus for the Pre-K kids. He's also bring his lunch today. The 1st 2 days he ate the school tray lunch. He's excited to tote his little spiderman lunch box. Everything is spiderman.....lunchbox, backpack and nap towel. Last year it was the same box, backpack and lunchbox. Thank goodness it's new

Happy Monday everyone :)

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