Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Not Happy

Well, I just found out who Ryan's teacher is. He got the worst one. UGH! But my neighbors son will be in the same class along with Ryan's best buddy from last year. So there are some pluses. I wanted Ryan to have his teacher from last year's is her first year to teach and those girls are so great with kids. Their mom teaches 1st grade. I believe I blogged about this before...LOL So I won't bore you with that part. So I came home all depressed. UGH! But I've decided to look at it on the brighter side. Which is the neighbor boy is in his class and his best bud. Also his class is right next door to his old classroom. And I'll be able to visit with his teacher from last year. It makes me sad cause I won't get to have a close relationship with his kindergarten teacher this year. Like I did last year with his pre-k teacher.

Oh well though, I'll make lemonadeade from the lemons I was just given. :)

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