Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Poor plant

For some reason, I can't remember to water my little ivy that Chad's aunt gave me a few months ago for helping take care of her when she had surgery. It's my first plant since we've moved into our own home. I wouldn't have old ones but a WITCH of a girl tossed my plants out, thinking I didn't want them. UGH! The ol' huzzy! She pissed me off big time, cause those ivy's were from my grandpa's funeral and my cousins funeral. And one was from YEARS and Years ago when I had a beta fish and thought I'd put one on top of his jar, but it didn't work out so I just potted the plant. I even had my dear friend Nina's brother drill holes in my metal pot so it would drain. Ahhhh memories of my good ol' plants. :( Makes me sad! :(

Well, anyways, I need to get some potting soil for this ivy that his aunt gave me...lol It needs to be repotted. And of course, forgetful me can't seem to remember to buy any...LOL I'm so lazy that I did buy a terracota pot to repot the little guy, but didn't get the soil, right... so I put a few plastic grocery sacks in the bottom of the pot to make the plastic container that the ivy came in stand up...lol

I'm pitiful! lol

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