Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Busy with Ryan

Well in Spring, it was T-Ball. The fall is coming and it's FOOOOOOOOTBALL time! We've signed our little guy up for youth football. Chad is going to help coach too. I think Chad is so excited about it. His dream is to be a coach. But we aren't sure if he's got the patience to do this with little kids. No, really, he'll do fine. But omg! Ryan is beyond excited about this. The kid got shoulder pads last Saturday when we signed him up and they gave him an old jersey so he can practice in. I kid you not, this child has not taken them off since then. He wakes up in the morning and puts on his pants from baseball, then slips on a tshirt and puts the shoulder pads on, manages to get his jersey on and THEN grabs his play helmet that he's had, gets a football and starts yelling out, "HUT 1, Blue 42, HUT HUT HUT!!!!!!" and runs around the house....ROTF!!!!! He thinks he's an NFL player already. But he won't take his get up off until He's so darn cute with it all on though. Chad had a heart warming moment when he sae it on Ryan on Sunday for the first time. I do believe that's the moment Chad has waited on his whole see his baby boy all dressed up for football. T-ball was cool and fun, but football is in the blood, it's in his family.

That's my boy! :)

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