Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Saira's Pageant

Awww, I was so proud of her!! I couldn't believe she did everything I asked her to do, right on cue. YAY, Saira!!! She ended up with 1st Runner Up. Everyone was saying she should've gotten "Little Miss Mayhaw" though. But oh well. At least she placed this year. :) I was so excited for her...and she was too. She's so proud of her trophy. Anyways, she did the bow when I asked her to, she blew kisses, she waved like crazy and clapped. She was loving it up on stage.

She gets to ride in the Parade on Saturday. Ryan gets to ride as well, with his T-Ball team. I'll ride with her and Chad will be on the side of the road videotaping his babies. :)

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